ICSI Procedure
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Help - October 19

Is anyone familiar w/ ICSI procedure. The Urologist told my d/h that he did not have any sperm unless there could be a blockage. Can and ultrasound tell if there a blockage present. As far as the ICSI, can sperm be drown from my d/h. Just b/c there is no sperm in his enjaculate does that mean he has some in his testes.


Mega - October 19

I know a little bit about ICSI, & I'd assume if there is sperm at all in your DH's testes then I'd assume they could draw it out & use it for IVF & ICSI. Is your hubby's urologist going to run any tests then? I don't really know anything about about diagnosing blockages, but I'd guess an u/s or MRI could tell the dr more about what's going on. Good luck. Sorry I couldn't help more. I really hope the Urologist starts to really dig in & find out why your DH doesn't have any sperm. Hopefully it's just a blockage.


dear help - October 19

I am not that familiar with the icsi part but my dh's sperm motility and count keeps going down so they did an ultrasound and doppler to check if there is a blockage or if there is something called a verosocoles (spelling?) which is like a vericose vein that might be causing problems. Apparently very easy to fix and can make all the difference in the world. I would look into getting some tests done on him because if that is the problem it is easier and much cheaper than an ivf icsi. good luck i hope i've helped a little


.. - October 20

hope this helps you:

ICSI may help the following couples?
Males with low number of sperms, low morphology and abnormal shaped sperm, or no sperm in ejaculate.
Males with low motility of sperm.
Males whose sperm have failed to fertilize eggs in prior IVF attempts.
Males with normal sperm counts, but with the presence of sperm antibodies.
Females with abnormal egg shells (zona pellucida), which can prevent sperm from binding to the egg.
Females whose eggs have failed to fertilize during the first 24 hours after an IVF attempt (rescue ICSI).
Sperm obtained from testicular biopsy, vas aspiration, etc.
Limited amounts of available frozen sperm.


Justine - October 20

ICSI is the same as IVF with the sperm injected into the eggs. It is used to cure male infertility but requires 100 or so good sperm as I understand it. I just gave birth to a baby girl on Tuesday because of ICSI - I'm still in hospital now so will not be around that much. I think they can try and extract sperm with some kind of operation if it cannot be obtained normally. A urologist should be able to tell you if this is possible in your husband's case I think. Good luck.



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