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MaMaMarie - January 17

I figure honesty is the best policy. If you have anything negative to say, please don't bother. I'm 19 & my boyfriend & I have been trying for 6 months with no luck. I feel that we "have done everything right" but still no luck. I am wantin to approach my OBGYN about it & tell him our intentions to concieve. Thing is, I am terrfied of being judged. I don't want him to tell me its too early & things like that. Does anyone have any advice on how to approach this? Anything to say? Thanks a bunch!


Megan - January 17

Hi, a doctor shouldn't judge you in that way. So if he does you should change doctors. I see no problem in telling him your intentions but keep in mind that he will tell you to try for a year and then if you don't conceive to come back and speak to him. JMO. Are you temping and charting? You should read "Taking Charge of Your Fertility", it is very good at explaining everything.


Dee - January 17

i'm not being negative, but you are still young and you guys haven't been trying very long so i wouldn't be to worried. i'm 22 and my dh and i have been trying for 2 years and 3 months with no luck. sometimes i think that god has a bigger plan for us and things will happen when they're supposed to. as far as anything else, Megan is right...you should read that book, it's really good and tells you a lot of things. good luck


hopeful - January 17

Hi, I'm 19 too, and my Husband and I are ttc. I agree with Megan, don't let your doctor judge you, thats not their job. One thing I suggest though is to chart your fertility for 3 months before you go to the doctor, it will give him a better idea of what may be wrong, etc, and what tests need to be done. Go to www.pregnancy.com, it has all of the charts, and instructions of how to do it and what you'll need, basil boby thermometer, etc. Also keep in mind, this is your life, and I for example am much more mature that any 19 year old that I have ever met, so me wanting a baby is my business, not my doctors. The doctors job is to help you to either get pregnant or figure out why you can't. Stand up for yourself, because if you are ready for a baby, and want one, then the more power to you girl! Lots of baby dust! Just remember to stand up for yourself, its no ones business but your own.



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