I was misdiagnosed......
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justice - April 5

I went to the doctor today and for the past 21/2 years have been told i have PCOS well today due to no period even with meds my whole life ..I have hypothalmic amenorrhea. I cried in the office it feels so devastating that someone that loves babies and would do anything in the world to have on has to go thru this. I have no idea what im doing....anyone with info that can help i am now being referred to fertility spec. does anyone know how much IUI cost and how effective?


Mega - April 5

I'm so sorry about your misdiagnosis. I'm not familiar at all with hypothalmic amenorrhea, but if they're suggesting you try IUI it sounds like you still have a good chance of conceiving. The cost of IUI varies greatly place to place. I'm in OH. My RE charges $150 for the actual IUI and another $110-150 for the sperm washing (though luckily my DH's ins. picks up that tab save for $6), we pay for my IUI procedures entirely out of pocket though. There are lots of great IUI success stories out there, and the advantages are that it's much cheaper than IVF, less invasive too. The procedure is quick & just a little crampy, but for me at least the cramps don't last long at all. Good luck, Justice. And hang in there.


justice - April 5

thank you for your encouraging words I am trying to stay positive I have been dealing with not feeling equal even to my sisters as they started having there periods and everything working as it should ...yesterday my mom was here visiting from out of town and came to the doctors with me i broke down crying just from the thought of the possiblity of not having a child:)



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