I want to talk to ALLEYES!!!
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Shauna - July 18

I would really like to talk to you. I understand about Identity Disorders and I want to talk to you when you need it.


slowpoke01 - July 18

kayla hey i am from the other thread and i just read all the posts for the past couple of days..i understand that you have a disorder i am sorry i hope that you are doing ok i am not h ere to judge anyone because we all have our faults


Shauna - July 18

Slowpoke...Thank you for joining me on wishing kayla well.


slowpoke01 - July 18

i dont agree with everyone bashing her because it was suppossed to be a supportive site and it has gotten so petty like bashing tammy for stealing there thread name the girls all have good advice but i thought they were supportive of everyone and this really bothered me because kayla had a disorder that they didnt understand and she told that she was pregnant she tried to correct it and i probably would have done the same thing out of fear of being judged and that was exactly what happened she was judged and i think that was wrong. i love all the girls and i understand that they were disappointed because they were lied to but someone with a personality disorder doesnt understand that they are lying when another personality takes over they cant control it and them telling her to get her meds regulated my answer to that is that people with mental disorders that are trying to get pregnant or are pregnant have to get off their meds because meds can cause birth defects and or m/c among other health problems so i am sorry that they were that way about this whole situation and i do think that they should have let kayla try to amned the situation on the trimester board in her own words herself i dont think that anyone should have done it for her i have no idea who corrected her since i havent read the other board i just read what was posted on the ttc july thread


Tammy276 - July 18

Hi shauna and slowepoke. Thought I would post my two cents. I don't think it was right of them to be so hard on here, and to tell you the truth, it turned me away from their thread. When they all were bashing me, they kept saying we are all supportive and accept anyone to this thread......and so on. I can understand being upset about being lied to, but she has a disorder, it's not her fault...And in my eyes, she was honest enough to come clean about it and tell the truth which had to be hard for her to do. Just thought I would let you girls know what I thought about the whole thing.


Shauna - July 18

She told us very intimate things...not because she wanted to but because she felt she had to explain. PLEASE ALLEYES COME TALK TO US!!!


NB - July 19

I don't feel anyone was really bashing her intentionally, I think maybe they didn't understand the disorder, and were hurt from being lied to. Sorry, that's my thoughts on it.


bl - July 19

You might want to hop onto the ttc ch3 thread. Things seemed to have worked itself out. We are only human, and react in different ways!!


NB - July 19

I agree BL! Hopefully that is why we are here, to get honest insight- negative or positive- from others. And like you said, we are human and react differently to different situations. We miss you guys, so come back.


Shauna - July 19



slowpoke01 - July 19

shauna how are you i really wish alleyes would write back since i am so worried about her


Shauna - July 19

Alleyes is on another thread and I have left her a message to come take a peek.


Shauna - July 19

I think that it is wonderful that ALLEYES is so upfront with her disease. Mental illness is look upon as some horrible thing. My stepmom has OCD and has to clean CONSTANTLY...it has been determined that it was caused by her being adopted and then lossing her adoptive father at a young age, then her moms second husband died when she was still small. She needs to control 'something' in her life....so she cleans. In her case it is funny cuz she knows she does it but she cant stop and she laughs about it too.


slowpoke01 - July 20

well shauna it doesnt seem like all eyes is gonna talk to us..i hope that she reads this and knows that not everyone is judgemental and that we understand how she feels


mommy2josh - July 20

I dont think that there was much bashing of Alleyes. She put out false information and then openly wrote that she is suffering from a mental disorder. I was not judging her, but questioned everything she said afterwords. I truly am hoping that she was honest about her problems and is getting herself help, medicate or not. I personally feel that WE ARE supportive. You cant blame people for getting upset after being deceived. It takes a while for emotions to cool, especially when you have a whole bunch of hormonal women. Alleyes if you read this dont be upset with us, we all truly wish you well and hope that one day you will be able to get past your problems and live the kind of life that you always wished for, one with a child. Take care of yourself.


mybaby05 - July 21

Just an FYI: Alleyes belongs to another pregnancy site with the same name and told all of us that she is 15, really wants a baby and is having sex with many men to accomplish this. She is not married and she has no kids yet, according to one of her many alter egos. I think you should watch out for her as she is just full of lies. She never told us about any disorder. She is a kid trying to be an adult. Notice she cannot spell and has poor grammar? Stop feeling bad for her and wasting your time with her. I just thought it would be fair that you all knew the truth. Alleyes: Go back to school, study and do something successful in life. You can have a baby when you grow up and become a responsible adult.


ROBYN - July 21

Hey girls I knew it shes a liar!!



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