I want to get an ovulation test, but dont know what 2 look 4
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Gina R - the new one!! SORRY! - October 1

OK so u may all think i'm a pain, but i'm desperate to get pregnant. They have me on Provera for my Pcos and i'm on Metemorfin, for whatever reason (too higher the chances my OB said) and on the 10th i'm going on Chlomid. But i do know that there are only certain days u can get pregnant. First question, i havent gotten my period yet i started provera on Monday....my period should be here any day...am i ovulating this time around, or do i have to wait a month. Should i get an ovulation test? How do they work w/ irregular to no periods?


Gina - October 1

You should start ovulating 5-10 days after your last clomid pill. everyone is different and some people ovulate later. You can buy OPK, ovulation predictor tests , but ive read that they may lead to false positives especially a few days after taking clomid. ( the test look similar to a HPT and you just pee on a test stick) The 2 purple lines means you have detected your LH surge and its time to BD! I chart my temps every morning and watch my cervical mucas also (CM). Its helpful for me. some women its not. my doctor told me to chart my temps ( i go to www.mymonthlycycles.com) and ive read some womens docs told them not too. I think im Oing now =). Good Luck hope this helps!


jcr - October 1

me again. I took clomid this cycle and didn't ovulate until day 25, so I think it depends. If you search the threads there is some great information on pcos and metformin. Good luck and make a list of ?'s to ask your Dr. when you talk to him.


me - October 1

If you are on clomid, you should not use an OPK becasue your dr should be monitoring you via ultrasound to see if you are responding to the med. If you are not being monitored, ask to be because you can get cysts from hyperovarian stimulation from clomid. Plus clomid messes up your temps so you will not set a good reading. You will O 5 dyas after or so, so I would bd around that time. Good luck!



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