i want a baby but i need some help
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baby21 - September 15

i have been tring for 3 yrs and i have found out that i have pcos how often should i have sex inorder to make sure that im really tring to do this right and not miss out on my chance what do you think how many time should i have sex before and during ovulation ??


Smiler1 - September 15

Hello Ladies,

I am seriously confussed i am on clomid 100mg day 3-7 and have been taking opk since day 11 and holding my pee for 5-6 hours but no + opk i am on day 13 now and worried i may have missed it. I was told to not have sex until i get +opk and am so scared now what should i do? any help would be appriciated.


tibby - September 15

baby21 are you seeing a RE? How is your DH sprem? I have pcos and I was told start on cycle day 10 every other day. So are you ovulating? What have you done as in doc. meds?


Lucky717 - September 16

Smiler1 -- How long are your cycles normally? Keep in mind that just because the opk detects a Lh surge doesn't necessarily mean that you are releasing an egg. Have you had your progesterone levels checked on cd21 to verify that you are in fact o'ing? If not you may want to. How long have you been on 100 mg of Clomid? It has a tendency to make your cycles longer. Therefore you may O later in the month. Continue to test. Baby Dust!


Smiler1 - September 19

hi Lucky717

Thank you so much for your reply. I have been on 100mg clomid for 2 months and i went for a scan today at day 18 and they said one ovary now only has cysts when previously it did not and the other has 2 folys 16mm and 11mm but i had - opk again. I have asked for the blood test and they said no and will not scan me either they said i should take the clomid until Jan 2007 and if i dont get pregnant then they will try something else.

I am at a loss and dont understand what to do. I guess thats the uk NHS for you.


kotkot005 - September 20

smiler 1- do not get frustrated! i believe that you the thing you really have to do is a closre supervision from your RE. let me tell you my experiance with clomid. you have first to make sure that your husband is ok. you have to know that women problems are workable but when men have sperm problems then it will get so much complicated. then after checking your husband's sperm and knowing that everything is ok you have to do the hsg which makes sure that your tubes are patent. then you know for sure that the only problem you are dealing with is PCOS. DO NOT START CLOMID before doing this procedure , it will save time and it will pinpoint anyother problems you might have and clomid cant solve.
then when you start a clomid cycle ask your doctor for a direct and close supervioson through ultrasound around ovulation days i usually start monitoring at CD12. what you have to understand is monitoring throught ultrasound is just the best it is precise and can tell exactly when you are about to ovulate as they measure the exact egg size. so OPK is good but do not have it alone. go for ultrasound checks as much as you can and the dr must also determine for you the days that you have to bd so frequently and may also give you HCG shot that can controls the egg release date giving you a better chance of timing.
all after all, clomid is good but it must be combined with very close monitoring to see how your body reacts to it.
for me clomid was successful in inducing my ovulation but with no pregnancy luck. so i am switching now to a new plan. so do not get frustrated you should waite the 6 months until jan2007 , it is just common between doctors to stay on same therapy for 6months before switching to the backup plan. please do not hesitate to ask more if you still have any concerns.baby dust



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