I've just conceived after 2.5 years!
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Estee P - June 18

Hello everyone. I would like to post my story here in order to encourage those of you who have been trying to conceive for a couple of years, without any luck. I have just found out I am 5 weeks pregnant after having tried for a baby for 2.5 years (30 months). I had a thorough checkup in Dec 2002, went off the pill, and started trying to conceive when I was 29 years old in Jan 2003. For almost a year nothing happened. During this time I read up everyting I could find on getting pregnant - so I knew what I was doing, and I used ovulation tests and had intercourse at the right times. I then consulted my ob/gyn for help. We determined that nothing was wrong with me and I ovulated normally. He did a sperm check on my dh, and found that his sperm count was about 10% normal. An average guy has a 16% normal sperm count. So he warned me we might take slightly longer than an average couple to conceive, but we can have children. So in order to just help mother nature on, for a couple of months I visited my ob/gyn on days 10, 12 and 14 of my cycles. He then measured my follicle sizes during those days and injected me with Profasi when the eggs were almost ready to be released. His purpose was to inject me with the Profasi (an ovulation stimulator) when the eggs were about 2cm in size, in order to ensure that ovulation took place within 36 hours. I then had intercourse with dh for the next 3 days in order to maximize our chances. We did this for many months, and nothing happened for yet another year. At this point I felt like giving up and I was at an all time low. My doc then recommended that we do a laparoscopy, which I agreed to, and strangely enough, he found during the operation that I had Endometriosis, although I never had any symptoms of it. It was cleared, and he told me we would have a ten times better chance to conceive after that. He also did another check on dh's sperm, and found that the count went up to about 15% normal sperm. We battled through another four months of trying. Nothing happened. We got desperate and then decided to go for IUI. We had the first Intra Uterine Insemination in April 2005. It didn't work, and I was gutted. The next month we were going to try with an IUI again, but as I went in for the measuring on the 10th day of my cycle, the doc told me they found a "harmful organism" in dh's sperm during the sperm testing for the previous IUI. He said the organism would prevent us from conceiving. He put dh on strong antibiotics in order to kill the organism and I went home thinking we had no chance to conceive during that month (May). However, since I've always refused to miss out on a single try (I'm a fighter!), we did bd at the appropriate times, as usual. Two weeks later I started suspecting that I fell pregnant. I had no real signs, except that my body was behaving slightly odd. It just gave me subtle hints that something was different. Two days before AF was due, I had cramps and loads of gas, which I've never had to that extent before. So I tested two days after AF was due, and got a BFN. I tested again on three days after AF was due, another negative. Then, on 6 days after AF was due, I got a BFP!!!! No words can describe what I felt right then!! I've also had the pregnancy confirmed by a blood test. Finally, after such a long time, it happened. I just wanted to give you my story and leave you with hope! You might ask yourself what kept me strong during this time. The answer: My faith in God. There were times when I got really down and desperate and angry. I got so angry sometimes, I didn't even want to speak to God. But He pulled me back in and gave me hope, every time. He gave me strength to go forward. This pregnancy was not due to anything we did right, or wrong, it was timed by God. He had it all planned out, long before I even started trying. If you are battling with infertility, just remember my story, and know I will be praying for all the women out there. You too will get your BFP, but try to be patient in the waiting game. Remember: Good things will come to those who wait. God hasn't forgotten you, he is simply picking the right time to give you a child. Loads of luck and baby dust to all of you!


TS - June 18

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!! Thank you for sharing your story. I went off the pill in Jan 2003, when I turned 29.....2 1/2 years later I am still trying. Thank you for the word of encouragement!!!!


Lena - June 18

Thank you for sharing your story. We've been ttc for 3 years and in our 4th cycle of IUI. I"ve been feeling hopeless for weeks now and you've just renewed my enthusiasm and hope. Thank you!


kim - June 18

thankyou your story really touched my heart and im so happy that you finally got your baby, i wish you and your family all the best for the future, i've also been trying to conceive for 2yrs and nothing i'm seeing my gyn on 4th july for the first time so fingers crossed he can help us.


Nancy - June 18

Congrats! and thanks for sharing your wonderful story to all of us. We've been TTC for 15months now and you will be our inspiration. God bless you with a healthy pregnancy...


Alissa - June 18

THANK YOU" for the words that we needed to hear! And some how at the right time.~*~*concrats*~*~*!!!!


maddie - June 18

thanks soo much for that inspiration.


Kelly2 - June 18

Oh my!!! You have such a wonderful story and powerful testimony!!! I am a believer and I seem to always forget that it is God's timing and He knows best, regardless of how I feel!! Thank you sweet lady for reminding me that I serve a Lord who from the foundation of the world put my life in place including all the children I will have!! Nothing happens by chance! Congratulations to you, hubby and your new little life! Thank you for taking the time to give the ladies here still waiting hope. Sometimes people get on here and then when they get a BFP we never hear the "good stuff"! :)


merlee - June 18

congrats!!! and thanks for telling your story. we have been ttc for 31 months and I often feel hopeless. The only thing I have wrong that they have found is low progesterone. I'm 37 and still trying DH is great but I know it frustrates him also. YOur story was so insperational. Good luck and thank you again for restoring my faith and hope in God above.


andy - June 19

thanx for the inspiration. I'm 40 soon and still not pregnant. I too forget it is God's timing, I just wish he wanted it when I do :)


Cutie - June 19

Estee, thank you so much and Congrats to you, I am happy for you. I have been feeling hopeless and was angry at God which was completely wrong, He does help us and hear us and He has plans for us. God bless you throughout your pregnancy.



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