i thought this was supposed to be easy
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alwright - February 16

9yrs ago i had a cervical cone and have since been a ok--my dr at the time said this may pose pregnancy challenges, but at my dr appt. last oct my current dr. said it shouldn't pose a problem. which one is right?
we've been trying for 8mo. and i was on pill for 13yrs. i 've just started doing temp/ovulation charting but getting frustrated..any answers?


Mega - February 16

Hi alwright! Unfortunately, even in couples that are "normal" it can 1+ years to conceive since each month you only have a 25% chance of success. One other option to track your cycle is looking into the fertility microscopes if charting or OPKs don't work for you. Supposedly you'll see ferning when you're the most fertile. Are your cycles pretty regular? Even if they are though, you still need to do something to verify you're O. Have you checked CM? That's another option. As for the cervical cone, I'm not familiar with that, but I'd think if that fixed your problem as your current dr said you should be okay. As for your partner, have you had them tested? That's another very important step, b/c if there are male issues too you may just be spinning your wheels. I hope this helps. Good luck, hang in there & definitely keep tracking your cycles.



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