I thought I was, what do ya'll think??? :-(
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Amy - June 9

It will be 2 weeks tomorrow from the last time I was with my BF and he com'd in me twice so I was sure of becoming pregnant. Though, I took a ClearBlue this morning and it was negative. Now, I started spoting this morning too and I"m not suppose to start till between the 12-13 of this month. Is it accurate? Am I NOT pregnant?? Help, please...


Amy - June 9

I guess no one had advise for me... Thank anyways... :-(


nancy - June 9

did you had BD during your fertile days or your ovulation?It is best to know your cycle and determine when is the best time to have BD, even if you do it twice and it's not your ovulation day you will not be pregnant.


Cutie - June 9

Amy, I agree with Nancy. But also I wanted to tell you that it is either that you are preggo and have implantation bleeding, or it is your period and you ovulated earlier than you thought. I sure hope you are sweety. Good Luck



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