I really neeed some thoughts here........
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Beverly Elizabeth - April 30

Question: Question: My boyfriend and I have been haveing unprotected sex for a year now. got pregnant once but had a M/C:( ....I've never missed a period seince then. But, now I'm almost a month late and every home test haqs come out negative! I just took one this morning and still Neg!!!My last period was March 7th 2005 to March 13th. I have alot of preganncy symptoms....swollen/tender brests....hiccups....back pain....heartburn..headaches...REALLY BAD fatigue.....I'm always hungry...My tummy is swelling/my pants are extra tight now...And occasionally I feel a slight pinch in my left side.Could I still be pregnant but the tests keep comeing back negative???? PLEASE ANSWER!!!! Thank you:) I really wanna be pregnant!!!


linda - April 30

go to the doc and get them to do a blood test and you'll know for sure. some women never test positive for weeks after they conceive and u may be one of them. Act like your pg and dont smoke,drink,drugs etc until u know for sure.


Hiccups? - May 1

Hiccups are a pg symptom?



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