i really need advise and help. please.
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yumymumy - January 13

i posted a while ago and i didnt get a reply, basically i come off the pill july just last yeat. it followed by a period, my past 'period' was 25th november that lasted 3 days was very light like red and grey with small clots. when usaly im really heavy and on tap and i get clots.. im on day its been 50 days now and nothing, no sign of my period. so i have been reading and getting info on all the possibilitys, im under no stress i eat healthy. i may have hormonal imbalances because i have always been irregular but it seems to be getting worse and worse over time. i didnt have a baby almost 2 years ago and it took 2 n half years to concieve with him. im trying to concieve again but im concerned about my cycles. could i have polycystic ovarian syndrome? i a having symptoms within the last 6 months my stomache has become sore, and iv gained alot just in my mid stomache, im talking i look 5 months pregnant. im going to the doctors but i need to know some feedback i want tests done, i dont want the doctor to send me home and 'wait and see' please someone help me out. can i suffer from anything even tho iv already once had a baby? or maybe iv had something all along and falling preg with my son was very lucky for me?


yumymumy - January 13

sorry i mean i did** have a baby


Tracy88 - January 13

Sounds like your doctor needs to do a scan to try to see if you have PCOS or cysts on your ovaries due to endometriosis. Since you mentioned clots, my guess is endometriosis. The only true way to check for endo is to have laparoscopic surgery.


mommy2josh - January 13

Yummy, your poor thing. I am going mostly through the same thing. I was never quite regular with my periods and it took me 18 months to conceive my son. I have now been ttc#2 for almost 3 years. Its hard. I sometimes have to wait months for my period to show. I recently started seeing an RE and just had my HSG done. My tubes are open and my uterus is in a perfect shape. Now have to come answers and questions as to why I am not ovulating. My RE said that he can not rule out endometriosis. You just have to look at it this way, you got pregnant once and it will happen again. Even if by luck. What you need to do is see a doctor and have them do a complete set of blood work to see your hormonal levels and then procede to all the other standard infertility testing. Are you from the UK or USA? I wish you all the luck in the world and just know that there are alot of us out there who have had kids and now cant seem to do it again. (((((Hugs))))


yumymumy - January 14

i have a doc app set for tuesday and im explaining everything, im asking for blood tests and maybe a scan to see wahts going on... iv read so many posts about this type of thing and my heart goes out to every single one of you women who are going through this and simular stuff it really isnt fair and i can see how it can get you down, i mean im not sure if its happening to me but im in the dark so my mind is all over the place and worries me more.
ok i got what i think is my period tonight i got a spot on my underpants and i went to wear a tampon but i thought id wait till it flows alot, i mean usaly other than my last period once it comes its flowing and bright red straight away. at the moment its only there when i wipe and its brown, like not even blood its worried me. is this normal with women who suffer from PCOS?? when you do finaly get your period is it a normal period or is it brown and light? another Q i have about PCOS is do you have a larger stomache iv gained weight in the last few months only there and im getting pain somedays not as much but its all in the top of my stomache and lower and i get aches and pains in my sides. this isnt period cramping im feeling this is something really weird, another thing (its personal and i feel strange saying this but) iv noticed a odor coming from there, even though i shower daily and im clean. if this is my period does it mean that i did ovulate even tho i havent had my period in 50days?. so women with PCOS still ovulate? i ask this because iv read somewhere it depends on the person.
mommy2josh i am from australia thankyou for replying to all my Qs, can someone please answer my new lot of Qs who is educated in PCOS. i was going to start a new thred but i just hope someone reads this.


star_4_baby - January 14

Yummy-dont stress to much if it is the case of PCOS than can easily be solved ..but people like us who have irregular periods always gets problem concieving but it is not impossible...if your hormones are not how they should be than this explains alot.I am sure your dr will give you meds for it and as soon as it get leveled i am sure you will concieve....But all this takes time.Be patience my love dont stress..baby dust


Mrs. Atacador - January 14

Yumy...My heart goes out to you. It sounds like you could have PCOS. But you cant rule anything out so it is good that you are going to see a doctor. I suffer from PCOS and have been TTC for about 2yrs. now with no luck YET! So I hope that everything goes well for you. Some of your symptems sound the same as mine. I also started to gain alot of weight in my stomach mostly which made me look pregnant and I also started to get bad acne which I still struggle with, I started to sleep alot more and eat more also. So you might want to look at PCOS or ovarian cyst but regaurdless try to stay positive we are in the 21st century and there is alot of ways to help you conceive. If you need someone to talk to im here cause I know how down this can make you I struggle everyday and have just found out about this site it is my 2nd day and it has helped SOOO much so thank you to all the women who share their stories and advice. God bless to everyone....Mrs. Atacador



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