I ovulated on my first cycle of clomid!!
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Kim - March 31

Hi everyone,
I am exxcited I received my blood work today and found our that I indeed did ovulate on my first cycle of clomid. The nurse told me to way another week to see if AF starts if not we will test for pregnancy. Even if I am not prenant I am very happy to know that the medicine worked and I did ovulate on my first round of 50 mg of clomid. I will keep all of you posted.


Kelly - March 31

That is great news for me!! I am waiting to start clomid when af comes the first week in April. I hope it gets my ovaries going too!!! Other than worried about the side effects, I am really excited to see what happens. Congrats to you and keep us posted as we need hope!


bump - March 31



rebecca - April 1

Kim that is awesome i'm very glad for you. I just started my period after my first dose of clomid I thought i hadn't ovulated because it wasn't a 28 day cylcle like i had thought it was a 33 day cycle so i missed when i ovulated but i understand because even though i'm not pregnant yet i am soooo very happy that the 50 mg of clomid worked the first time and now i will have a better idea of when i will ovulate next time and be more acurate. Good luck i hope everything works out for us both!


S - April 2

Hi Kim....wish U are pregnant already. The same happened to me with first Clomid pill,50 mg...it was hard to believe/had to pink lines on PT/..just wait with test a few days after expected period, and I bet it will be really exciting. Sure the best news is that it works, so if not this time, it will sure get you pregnant in next cycle/s/. Best of luck!


Kim - April 2

thanks S!!


Kim - April 2

S did you have implantaion bleeding? If so when did it happen and if I am pregnant can I expect the same


lucy - April 3

I annn


Lucy - April 3

I am on my 1st round of clomid 50mg days 2-5. I am currently day 18 and my nipples are really sore. I do not have any other signs? Do you think it is to early or that this is a good sign???


Kitten!! - April 3

How long were you ttc Kim??


Kim - April 3

Lucy, Hi I think it is to early to tell if your pregnant if your on day 18 of your cycle get a blood test around day 21 and see if you have ovulated then take a pregancy test two weeks later. Thats what my doc is doing with me.
Kitten I am still TTC we do not know if we are pregnant yet. I will test at the end of the week if AF does not come. We have been TTC for about a year now. I really hope that this is our month!! I'll keep everyone posted. Baby Dust***


4BabyKelly - April 13

I just finished ovulating after my first round of 50mg Clomid.. I am getting my blood taken around CD 22. I can hardly wait to find out if something happened. I have very sore breasts and some strange feelings in my lower abs.. But I am only CD 18, so not sure if that is just the Clomid doing it's job.. I also had an HSG this month, so here's hoping! Good luck to all.


Cutie - April 14

I am happy for you, and sure hope you are preggo.


jenny - April 15

i am on my first orund of clomid is it possible to ovulate day after 5th pill i had egg white cm and all


kitty - April 18

a little blood for a hour on 15 april then went away period was due 17 april no sign could that been implantation


Kim - April 20

Well it's me Kim. I did not get pregnant despite ovulating. I began my second round of clomid this week. Sorry it took me so lon to update but I was devastated. It took me a while to get back on the boards because I was so sad. Anyway, I know that God has a plan for hubby and me. Baby dust to everyone. God Bless.


Kelly - April 20

I have some encouraging news for you. I am going to start Clomid this cycle and when I went to get it filled the Pharmacist ask me was I trying to get pregnant. I told her yes and she said that she has seen lots of women come in for Clomid and generally it takes 2 rounds to conceive. Very seldom does it take a third! So, keep your faith and I will say a little prayer for you myself. Keep us posted. :-)



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