I ovulated! But I don't know when....
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mrose - January 22

hello ladies, I took my second round of clomid, I didn't use opks, dr didn't advise me to, dh and I bd a couple times, but honestly no where near as much as we should, and I don't know if we hit it at the right time...b/c I don't know what the right time was. I went last Monday and got my progesterone levels checked, she said they like it to be atleast 3 and mine was 27.4! So she said that was REALLY good, I didn't respond to clomid the first round so I'm very happy now! Anyone have any idea how long I should wait before testing? Today is cd28, and the past few days I've been getting crampy and bbs have been hurting like crazy! i know that is probably af coming on though....anywho, if you ladies hace any suggestions as to when I sh ould test, please let me know. TIA ***Babydust****


Megs - January 22

Don't your progesterone levels rise when pg??? That's a HUGE jump! Good luck and I'd say go ahead and test now and then test once a week until you get a BFP or af arrives... Good luck!!!


ROBYN - January 22

You can probably test now are your cycles regular? As for progesterone being an indication of pregnancy all that means is you ovulated. It also means when its higher than its a good level for implantation when or if it occurs. I just completed my 1st IVF cycle and am 10 wks pg. My progesterone was 36 after the transfer and in the 40's when I got the bfp. Yes they ususally do rise when your pregnant you do have good numbers but it doesnt mean pregnancy. Good luck to you.


mrose - January 22

thank you ladies for your response. Robyn, no I do not have reguler cycles, before the clomid, I had to take proverra to start my cycles. I've only started maybe two on my own in the past year and half, and those were about 36-39 days apart. Any recommendation on what type of pregnancy test to use? today is cd28, still no af...I'm keeping my fingers crossed.


tk07 - January 23

hi! yay!! this could be your month! i like EPT tests. they read so clear. first response is pretty good too.
what days did you take clomid on? i took it days 3-7 and ovulated on cd14 and then cd 16 the 2nd and 3rd month on it. you don't have to do it a ton of times as long as you by chance get it the right day! good luck and update us!



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