I only have 3 weeks to get pregnant
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Babyblues520 - January 4

Hello Ladys ! My name is Erica and I am 19 years old , My husband is in the Military and will be leaving the first of February , He will be away for 5 months , We are trying to get pregnant before he leaves and so far it hasnt happened , My question is ......... What increases the chances to get pregnant ? Is there a possition that helps or a food that makes me more fertile , I so want to have a cute 5 month pregnant belly to surprise My Soldier when he comes home , Please Help . A baby is the best Welcome Home gift I could give my man !!!!


wanthappychubbybabies25 - January 4

Hi Erica,

What cycle day are you on?? Or when was the first day of your last period? You could try vitex and Red Rasberry which are herbs that are supposed to increase fertility otherwise three weeks is a very short time frame to try and get pregnant, but hey, it can happen. Good luck


star_4_baby - January 4

Girl i would say try anything but get one of those ovulation kits too.evening primrose is good too....pronatal vitamins...good luck


iampg - January 4

ignore all the fertile times and just insemination every other day by hook or by crook until you reach your goal. Tussin helps to make cervical mucus flow. you go girl!


Babyblues520 - January 5

My last peroid was December 15th , And that was after being 2 months late , I have been pretty stressed out over knowing he will be away and thats what made me so late , i just hope that doesnt change my chances because of stress


MollieJo - January 8

Hey, don't sweat it if you don't get pregnant in the 3 week time. I hear a lot about wives that get pregnant right after their man comes home! God Bless you and your husband for serving our country!



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