I never thought it would be this hard!
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nina - October 20

I am 21 been married 1 year to the love of my life and we started trying 6 months ago to have a baby.Still no luck!My best friend already has 1 baby she didnt want another well had 1 last week.My other friend started trying when i did got preg first try! Why cant i get pregnant?I want a baby more than anything.Is there something bad wrong with me my husband is 26 is something wrong with him?I am so worried i cant have kids someone please help me!


pv - October 20

i am too feel the same way ,why GOd choose me to not have a baby,trying for 1st,ttc 6mths, will start clomid this month i hope it will help.i think better go for ur checkup as i did....


T - October 20

Unfortunately at your age you will most likely have to try for 6 more months and then see a dr. Try using opk's, charting etc. Get all the info you can on the internet etc. There is a great book called Taking Charge of Your Fertiltiy. But only a dr can diagnose any problems. Some dr's will see you if you have been trying for 6 months but some will just say keep trying. Good luck.


Michelle - October 20

Well I have to say I have never used B/C except once for a very short period and never got pregnant the doctors told me my chances were slim this is when I was very young. I am currently 30 and have a beautiful healthy son 3yrs old . I got pregnant 2mnths before I conceived him which ended in M/C and I had my 3rd pregnancy in January of this year that ended in M/C also. I have been ttc since then with no luck and I guess that my point is there is always hope If I conceived my son and 2 other pregnancies after the doc told me I couldn't there is hope for all ! Stay positive and don't stress have fun while trying and it will happen soon !


nina - October 20

Thankyou all so much.I want a baby as soon as possible the doctor has not told me why i am not getting preg.I went to him and he always says we have plenty of time for that first he wants to get a pelvic infection cleared up.I did that as far as i know but i have been trying to get pg.Is there any one with any tips on how to get pg or any sucess stories for them.



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