I never got my period without tablets
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Lela - January 26

I am 29 and I never got my period normally, but whenever I take tablets and have them every 28 days. I am married and trying to conceive but because I dont have my period I dont have ovulations. I have done many tests and docs can't find a reason why I dont have periods. My womb is ok and my ovaries as well. Can somebody tell me of a similar experience because I feel so lonely. So whenever I take medicine for ovulation I ovulate and whenever I take medicine for my period I have them. Please somebody answer to my question


kim - January 26

You are not alone. I am 27 and I have never had regular periods. When I was younger they were about every four months or so. After I got married and wanted a baby they disappeared for 3 years not a single period. Same thing with me noone knew why. I did research on abnormal periods and infertility and found that some women take herbal supplements to bring on their period. I found something called New Phase it has natural plant estrogens and progestrogens, and Block Cohosh good for fertility, in it. I took it for 3 months then I finally had a period. After 2 normal cycles I conceived the 3rd month. He is now 18 months old. Try this it may help you can buy it over the counter at any department store in the vitamin and herb section it says that it is for menopause, but isn't that what were sort of experiencing anyway.


Lela - January 27

Kim. You made my day. I thank you very much for your this great news. May good bless you and your family. I just have one question. Shall I take both of them or I can take only Black Cohosh.


kim - January 27

I bought New Phase it has Black Cohosh in it.



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