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Ann - February 25

How many times would you suggest that I do an IUI before considering IVF?? I have done 3 IUI's and none of them have worked. My husband and I fall into the 1% of unexplainable infertility. It is REALLY hard right now. Any words of hope would be greatly appreciated!!!


tryin4baby - February 25

How long did your dr. say to try? The infertility specialist I go to won't try the same thing for to long. Tomorrow is my first try with an IUI. There goal is to get rid of you as a patient so in a few months if I continue to have IUI's they won't do them anymore and go to something else. Talk to your dr. and see what they recommend. My husband and I also fall in the unexplained infertility category. If you go through another try telling yourself that you aren't going to get pregnant and keep thinking that you aren't. That is what they told me to do. they say it is to help you not stress over it. Good luck and keep me posted.


ann - February 28

Thank you TRYIN4BABY!
I just spoke with the Dr. today. I was taking clomid and doing injections. I did that 3 times. I will only do injections this time and I will have an IUI next week. The Dr. said that I have responded well to the treatments. We have a 20-22% chance with this treatment. Maybe the odds will be with us this time? Best wishes to you!!


Michelle - March 9

I am 36 and on my 2nd marriage. I couldn't conceive with either marriage (my first husband and I were together for 12 years) and have just started seeing an IVF specialist who is certain that I have insulin resistance and this is the reason for the lack of pregnancy. I was told in the past that there was no explanation. I'm in the midst of testing for this condition which my doctor assures me that once he treats me with medication will correct the problem and I will be able to conceive on my own. Not sure if this helps but thought I'd share my experience. It felt good to finally understand that there is a reason.


tryin4baby - March 9

i am also insulin resistant but the medication they put me on hasn't helped any that i know of. i had an IUI done 2 weeks ago this sat. i am hoping that sat. i will have a BFP when i go for my blood work. i've been trying for months and so far nothing has helped. maybe they need to increase my medication for the insulin resistance. i also have an underactive thyroid which can be a problem as well. good luck



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