I Need your advice..please!!
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Erin024 - May 23

Hey Everyone, My husband and I have been together for 6 years...We have never used any kind of protection, and I've never been pregnant. I went to my doc a few months ago and she tested for PCOS and also tested for thyroid problems. I thought for sure it would be PCOS...I have facial hair, acne, and im losing hair on my head. I DO have regular periods. and as far as i can tell I'm O'ing..The first day of my last period was the 10th of this month...Yesterday I had creamy CM...and my side was hurting..This usually happens everytime I "think" that Im O'ing..So, thats what i figured it was..I took an OPK and it didnt detect O. ANYWAYS, all of my tests that the Dr done came back normal. No pcos...No thyroid problems..No hormone imbalances..nothing. All she could say was...Lose a lil weight, eat healthier, and exercise..Give it 3 or 4 months if you're not pg....Come back. Well, it's been 3 or 4 months. I'm not pregnant. I went in today to talk to a nurse about my results cause it's been aggrivating me that she didn't really tell me anything. The nurse once again said that everything was normal and If I'm having regular periods...Then I'm O'ing and my body is doing what it's suppose to do..She mentioned a SA..So, she gave me the order for that...and we'll be headed to do that soon...What do you guys think? Is there something else that we should be doing? am I headed in the right direction..Im just so confused...I don't know what to do really..Thanks for any suggestions and sorry this is so long.


Tink - May 23

Really i think doing the s/a for now is all you can do. it all depends on your age too. if you are under 35, the docs will usually make you try on your own for a full year before they really will refer you to a fertility specialist, unless they do find a problem right away. if you are over 35, they only make you try for 6 months usually. since they have found no problems, i think give the S/A a try and keep trying a few more months. are you temping? using OPKs regularly? it does sound like you are O'ing....although the OPK didn't show a surge- did you mention this to the doc? After a few more months- then i would get more agressive and maybe ask for a clomid challenge test to ensure you are ovulating. it sounds like they did some pretty extensive testing already. sometimes it just takes some folks a while to get preggo and they have no problems. or sometimes it could be unexplained infertility like me where they never find a problem (yet it took me IVF to get prego). Be sure you aren't using lubricant when you have sex, it can kill the sperm- even the regular KY without spermicide is no good. either use none at all or look online for special lubricants you can order that are safe for sperm. it could be something as simple as that.


jennifer_33106 - May 23

Hey Erin! I know how you feel. We have been ttc for over a year now. I found out like 2 days ago I have an infection that is virtually symptomless. I poseted it in signs of pregnancy forum and got interesting replies. It's under "Damn Tampons" maybe that can help you a bit.



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