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Saracatherine - November 2

Ok, Im not pregnant yet but I have a question about menstrual cycles that I think might effect my chances so I really need some help. My period if very regular, but my cramps are always excruciating. And I've noticed, more than once, that there will be large chuncks of tissue anfter the real bad cramps. Is this normal? My diance and I want to concieve and we unexpectedly got pregnant in April and lost it. We havent had preotected sex in over a year, and with my last husband of 3 years I never used BC. could these somehow be connected????


linds99 - November 2

Have you ever been tested for endometriosis? These women experience some what comparable symptoms you describe. The only other thing I could think of causing the chuncky tissue release is that your uterine lining is very thick each month, maybe excess estrogen in the body. I would say go seek an RE as soon as possible, diagnosis/tests take time and you really need to know why you are having this monthly pain, as it may more than likely be affecting your fertility since you haven't been on BC. AF cramps for a day are one thing, but releasing chunks and bad cramps are another issue that needs to be addressed. Good luck.



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