i need some help!
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sarah - May 7

a year ago my endo more or less diagnosed me with pcos and put me on metformin, which save for a few days, i have been good about taking. i recently got married, and my husband and i have been trying to get pregnant, we not nothing more than a beautiful baby to cherish, but have yet to become pregnant in the 7 months we have been trying. i wanted to know if anyone knew of any natural things i can try, like vitamins, i would take any advice at this point. i am due to see my reg doc on monday and my endo the next day, so if there are any ?'s i shoudl ask them, or any test i should have run, please let me in on them. also - i have been taking my basal temp for the past 4 months, and honestly have no clue what they mean. please help a wanna be first time mom!


dawn - May 7

Hi Sarah! My husband and I tried for 2 1/2 years before we had our son. He is 19 months old now. I took some herbal supplements from a nutritionist who grows the herbs and formulates them himself. I was preg in 2 1/2 months after taking them. All my friends that have taken them have gotten preg also in less than 3 months. If you want more info you can email me at [email protected]. I will be more than happy to email you the info. I will be praying that you will soon be able to have a baby. I know the longing for a baby to love.



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