i need some answers
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kim - June 3

i would like to just ask 1 question?? do you ovulate still if your tubes are blocked??????? im really confused. could some 1 let me know please??????? kim


christina - June 3

i was told you do, that it just means the sperm cant pass to get through, so when you go for say hsg, or paroschophy, they clear the blockages and see if there are any and help for it to be easier to try. i was told i had blocked tubes, and now i had some procedures to help me conceive, not working yet, but they gave me sonograms and blood to tell me exactly when i do ovulate and that was before the tubes were cleared as well as now. dont know if that helps.baby dust to all!


christina - June 3

that was laproschopy, sorry,lol


kim - June 3

thanks christina, im really worried that mine are blocked for some reason theres nothing else it could be idont think. my periods are fairly regular and i dont have no problems with anything else so im very stressed at the mo just waiting. baby dust to you


KC - June 3

You do ovulate. If your tubes are partially blocked then you may have a tubal pregnancy. I would make sure your husband has a semen analysis. The problem may be him. A laproscopy may open your tubes, however, it may also cause scar tissue which may block them in the future. I hope this helps. lots of luck


christina - June 4

I have a cousin that had laproschophy and it is very common these days, if you have the right dr. that is not the case with adhesions, it depends on your body as well, i dont even have scars and it was done over a month ago, my cousin was pregnant 2 months to the day of her lapro. and keeps getting pregnant now, everyone is different, kim baby dust to you!!!!


hazel - June 4

Kim, i feel the same way i have been ttc and nothing i am taking ovulex too. I am going to my gyn thursday i want to find out if i an ovulating also. I am confused.


kim - June 4

to hazel, thanks and its just a waiting game really isnt it but you really need alot of patients for it, good luck xxxxx


christina - June 5

the waiting and counting weeks is the worst part of this whole process.


kkopklk; - June 6

cna u get pragan after the patch



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