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emily - March 5

i am trying to get pg and i thought i was at first bc i had many signs of being pg and my bf bought a test and i took it 6 times and everytime it said i was then it said i was not but i did not get any fatter but everytime we had sex it was unprotected and he always cam inside of me but it always felt like he was hitting my pelvic bone or something and i thought it was a baby so i always told him to stop is it possible to hit the pelvic bone or what ever bone is inside ur uturese? wut is that bone called in front under ur stomach? but wut should i do?i still have trouble breathing and many other sighns of being pg


Mia - March 5

've been where you are about 10yrs ago I was pg I did 2 tests that said I was pg then I did another that said I wasn't then I did one with my dc that said I was. He said the neg test could have happened because I did it late in the day or I may have done it wrong. I you still haven't had a period either go to your doc or ask a chemist to do a test for you it's best to use you first wee in the morning go a little at first then do the test thats what my doc told me to do. GOODLUCK I hope all works out for you.


mrsbrissel - March 11

I would say go to the doctor and get tested. I have the same problem with him hitting something and having trouble breathing. Dont' know what to tell you though since I dont' know either. I have taken tests too and they say i'm not but i still have a few days before my period should come.



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