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Hopeful - November 3

It has been determined that my d/h has no sperm in his ejaculate. He saw a fertility specialist yesterday and they took blood for genetic testing to see if he is able to produce sperm. Is anyone familiar w/ this? He's had all the other blood test and those were fine it's just the absence of sperm. Do you think my husband has sperm but it's not appearing in his semen? The dr said that we would have to do IVF to get pregnant if he does produce sperm. I need as many thoughts as possible.


me - November 4

I could be mistaken, but when sperm are not present in the semen, it could be that they just aren't maturing. It may be possible to have immature sperm in the testes, which can be taken out and matured artifically. I read about it in a fertility book somewhere, but ask your dr about it to make sure. What reasons did your dr give you as to why there are no sperm?



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