i need a child despartely
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[email protected] - March 11

hey i have been married for four months and am trying to get pregant but not succesded but not using any pills i had two abortion earlier could this be the cause please help me am very desparate


Tia B. - March 12

Sweety, are you seeing a Dr at all? If not, you should be. There is a small chance that your abortions are playing a role in your inability to conceive. If you have regular cycles, and no other health problems, you could always get a Fertility Moniter, or do a Basal Body Temp chart, to help you know when you are ovulating. There are many sites that can give you a basic(basic) idea of when, but with some investigative work on your own, you may be able to do it! Also, it doens't happen overnite for 60-70& of women, you may be worrying too soon.



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