i'm two days late for a/f but i didn't detect ovulation
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crystal74 - April 11

hey question--- my doctor wants to see me this month when i ovulate after we have sex to see if my c/m is hostile. will my O come on time or since i didn't o last month and now my period is 4 days past due, probably won't have one then, is my O going to be screwy this month too?? or should it come at it's normal time?


kelley32 - April 11

I would just keep track of your fertility signs- you said you were charting your BBT, that's a great start, do you check your CM regularly? You can also check cervical position, but I only did that twice, I was too squimish, but it does feel pretty cool, though. Are you charting on Fertility Friend? Have you read Taking Charge of Your Fertility? I always thought that I ovulated on day 14 because I have a 28 day cycle, but I found out that I O on CD16, BBT charting is a real eye opener-best thing I ever did. Thanks to everyone for the congrats, hoping that this one decides to stay!!!


crystal74 - April 12

Jaqi, how did your dr figure out you had pcos. i hate unexplained infertility, i think it's really a lack of interest on the dr's part. if they would just run all the tests and a few surgery's they would figure out the problem. so frustrating. i still haven't started a period yet. i am five days late and no sign of it.


crystal74 - April 12

well i have been having bad pains in the area of my right ovary the last few days. what does this mean??


Jaqi - April 15

Sometimes, your ovaries hurt due to ovulation or AF. My doctor suggested PCOS because I have a high insulin level but I am not diabetic. Also, my face has been breaking out for a while now and the back of neck, the skin seems to be a little bit darker and they don't think it's from the sun. There is no test for PCOS...just different signs. Skipped or missed periods could be a sign, so can periods starting at different times.


kelley32 - April 15

A few months ago I was also having pain on my right side around my ovary, it actually got so bad I went to the ER one day and was diagnosed with an infection in my uterus, which turned out to be a misdiagnosis. I think that it may have been a cyst on my ovary and I have read that they are fairly common, that they end up bursting and that's the end of it, with no lasting effects. My regular doc had been on vacation thru all this and by the time that he got back and checked my ovaries, everything was normal ... I even went thru a few days of thinking I had ovarian cancer, I can be a real hypocondriac sometimes. Anyway, I believe that I had ovulation pain this past cycle, I was driving home from work and felt minor pain in my ovary for about a minute and then the next day my temp went up and Fertility Friend detected ovulation. As far as OPKs go, I had read that sometimes it's possible to miss your surge and I think that this is what happened with me considering I tested from CD11-15 and I O'd on CD16.


crystal74 - April 16

pcos is the spider web type things around your uterus and ovaries, right? my doctor told me about the surgery they do for that, where they go through you belly button and look around. i saw pics of this. i hope everything is okay with me. my ovary hurt on/off my those few days. i still haven't started my period yet. i'm now nine days late. i tested on tuesday and it came up negative. i have no signs of pregnancy or a/f. so i'm stumped. i don't know what to think. it's kind of driving me nuts, cuz no period usually means your prego, but in those few rare cases it could be annovulation. my normal o time is next friday, so i'll start testing for me surge next week then if nothing i will go in and see my doctor. also my temp has gone up .5 the last week and stayed. i hate this.....i'm going crazy


Jaqi - April 16

PCOS causes, what looks like, a string of pearl (which are actually cysts) on or around your ovaries. I've never heard anything about the spider-like stuff. The surgery where they go in your belly button is called a Laparoscopy. That is to look at your tubes and ovaries and surrounding parts to check for endometriosis and other problems. They also make a small incision around your bikini line. Mine is about a 1/4". It's very small. Ask your doctor about PCOS since you AF is not coming as usual. You can still get pregnant with PCOS, just takes more work. Maybe your ovaries are not working right, like mine. They ovulate, usually, but not always like they should. Meds will help with that. Once AF starts, maybe you should go to the doctor on day 21 and have the blood test done to see if you ovulated. That's what I did. Your gonna be ok girl!!! Your not the only one :o) We're here for ya!



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