i'm two days late for a/f but i didn't detect ovulation
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crystal - April 9

i am 22 and my hb is 26, we've been ttc for a year and no luck. been using the peesticks and didn't detect o last month. i started testing day 13-19. nothing. but now i am two days late of started my a/f. no signs though. i don't think it is possible, but what do you think??? would like some feed back here.......thanks girls. have a wonderful sunday evening


kelley32 - April 9

Hi ... well, I used an OPK this cycle and it didn't detect O for me either, thankfully I chart my BBT and was able to tell from that I o'd on day 16, and I just got my BFP today. Do you chart your temps? It's the best thing that I did. Why don't you test, I would if AF was 2 days late.


crystal - April 10

i would but everytime i do i just get disappointed and cry. so i don't want to get my hopes up. but i have read that no ovulation may cause no period or messed up period. just wondering maybe if somebody has gone through this before and if so what happened? and i just started testing my bbt about two weeks ago.


na25 - April 10

CONGRATULATIONS KELLEY32!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


crystal - April 10

come on girls, i know i'm not the only one. tell me your story like this and did u end up prego??


crystal74 - April 10

congrats kelley. so u used pee sticks and charted your bbt while using the sticks, and the pee sticks didn't detect it at all??? i will wait it out a few more days and see if i have a late period. if not, i'm testing baby. do you have any symptoms or did u. i have none. usually before my period my bbs hurt bad, nothing for me this time. right now it feels like my ovaries are acheing a little bit. i'm just wishing and a hoping.


lilly2 - April 10

Kelly32, huge Congratulations.Good like and have a good, beautifull 9 months.


lilly2 - April 10

uppsss, Good Luck


isa - April 10

I had one cycle I didnt ovualate until cd29 because I had 3 cysts that delayed my af. Had I not been temping I would have thought I was pregnant but I would have kept getting bfn's. It is normal to sometimes have months that are annovulatory (dont ovulate) or late due to stress, cysts etc. congrats Kelly.


SashaP - April 10

Maybe you started the opk's to late. I have to start on cd9-10 b/c I O between 11-14. So you may have missed it. How long is your cycle normally? I would get a test it's better to know either way. I know how you feel about bfn it hurts I've had them for over 2 years. Good luck.


crystal - April 10

my cycles everymonth is 28 days.
are you suppose to have a period if you on't ovulate?
is it possible i missed my ovulation and now i'm pregnant. send me baby dust girls.


SashaP - April 10

My cycle usually averages 28 days too. It's possible that you missed it by testing to late. I still say you should buy a test. Baby dust and belly rubs....


crystal74 - April 10

thank you all for your input. i will test in a few days if i don't start. have a wonderful afternoon. hey is it normal not to have a period if you didn't ovulate??


Jaqi - April 10

Hey, just know that sometimes it's normal to skip a period a year. Nobody ovulates all 12 months and sometimes those kits are wrong. You might O on a different day. Also, not to scare you, but if periods get off track, make sure you don't have endo or PCOS. That is what happened to me and found out after TTC 9yrs. I am 29 now and have to go through IVF. I am telling ya'll this because I don't want ya'll to have to wait as long as I did. Stress causes a delayed/skipped period too! Good Luck!!


Crystal - April 10

If you didn't ovulate yet, that might be why your period is late? When I don't seem to ovulate all the time, AF sort of just shows up whenever it feels like it. I mean, I really hope that you are pregnant, but keep bd'ing in case you ovulate later.
And kelley, congratulations!


crystal74 - April 11

hey i took a pg test this morning and -. figures


crystal74 - April 11

hey question--- my doctor wants to see me this month when i ovulate after we have sex to see if my c/m is hostile. will my O come on time or since i didn't o last month and now my period is 4 days past due, probably won't have one then, is my O going to be screwy this month too?? or should it come at it's normal time?



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