I'm Pregnant after my miscarriage in Oct./06
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Shiner081 - December 29

Hi girls I have great news.I just took pregnancy test and it was positive.I had my miscarriage and D&C on October 6th,2006.I had 2 periods since the D&C first one coming 23 days after the D&C and the next one came 26 days and I conceived after this one.I am 5 weeks pregnant today.Now I just pray this one will turn out to be a healthy baby.I will be going for an ultra-sound @8 weeks so in 3 more weeks.I pray the ultra-sound has good news.I just used fertiliy/ovulation test to determine when i would be ovulating and I guessed it worked.I am sending some of my BABY DUST ******* out to all who need it.Take care and I will keep you all informed.


Tink - December 29

congrats to you! i am wishing you lots of sticky baby dust! what great news!!!


tk07 - December 30

that is great congrats!
think happy thoughts, you 2 will be fine!!!!


MsMonet - December 30

Shiner-Congrats to you... I am so happy for you. Stay positive. Make sure you start conversating your baby asap... God is so good! Praise him and thank him. This is such an inspiration for all of us.


Shiner081 - December 30

Thanks to you all,lets just hope we get more ladies in here with the same great news.Patience and time will tell!


wannabeamom - December 30

Congrats Shiner! I hope you have a healthy baby!


star_4_baby - December 30

congratulation shiner...enjoy your pregnancy and i pray for you to have a very healthy pregnancy and healthy baby...


Mega - December 30

How wonderful! Congrats to you! Have a healthy, happy 9 mos.



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