I'm on meds but will they help?
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Gina Rivera - September 30

Ok i'm 26 years old and have had pcos since i was 16. So i've never tried to take care of it, but now i'm married and i want a baby. So i went to my dr who put me on Provera and Metemorfin (i think it's called) and i take provera 1 time a day and metemorfin 3x's a day. I have no clue about my ovualtion cause obviously...i never worried about it. BUT I really want a baby now....the dr said she's puttin me on Chlomid in 2 weeks i go back, do u think my chances are high of getting pregnant this year?


Mega - September 30

Hi Gina. Clomid will definitely increase your odds of getting pregnant. It should help you to ovulate, however you need to be monitored on it. Some women with PCOS do O on Clomid (like me), others do not. Also, has your DH had a semen analysis? If he has & things are normal then that's another good sign. I wish I could promise you'll get PG this year. Heck, I wish I could promise myself I'll get PG this time. However, you are taking steps in the right direction. Are you seeing an OB or a RE? An RE might give you more direction than a regular OB. I'm 30, TTC #1, I've been trying for a year, I have PCOS, too & am also on
Metformin 1500 mgs. So, I can relate to your situation definitely. I wish us both a BFP very soon. And everyone else on this board too who wishes they'd get PG. Good luck!


Gina - September 30

Thanks...i just started seeing an OB~ with no insurance it's really hard. But i work for a drs office, who has a BIG company 1 hour away from my home, which will see me for free. So i cant be too picky, but she stated she'll do anything in her best power to get me pregnant. Where do u learn all the shorthand? DH, TTC?


trying in NC - September 30

Hey ladies - Gina, listen to Mega about being monitored while on Clomid. Also watch the moodiness usually happens when taking clomid. Not to get hopes up or down, try to relax about all of this. I did clomid under OB for 6 months with no luck, went to fertility doc. for intake visit and found out I was pregnant. Had m/c at 4 weeks and could conceive for 1 year. Moved to injectables and got pregnant on first try to find out it was ectopic. I am not telling you this to depress, just think sometimes the doctors (OB or fertility) do not tell ua everything. Once you crossed over to any fetility drug, increase your chances of an ectopic pregnancy (Be careful). Once you go into fertility drugs it is best to be monitored so looking for some insurance to help with the cost would be a good idea. Once your on here the shorthand begins to make sense. DH=darling husband, TTC=tying to conceive, m/c=miscarriage, haven't figured out RE yet. Also, make sure hubby does go for semen analysis, cuts down on some wondering. Good luck girls...with all my issues, I am still TTC for # 1 and have not given up.


Gina - October 1

Hey there..thanks...as far as everything that needs to be done, fertility wise..i'm lucky enough that my dr is free from my job, very good dr she is as well. As far as my husband, about a year ago....his ex was pregnant and had an abortion, (i hate to hear that word..when there's people out there like me who cant conceive) so i know he's good to go. I said i was going ttc for at least a year, no luck..then it's his turn to get tested. I'm stayin local on this page, i feel very comfortable w/ people who have the same problems as me! Thanks!


trying in NC - October 1

Gina, My hubby has 2 children from a previous marriage and they still required him to get checked. OB said things can change and it was better to be safe. I might would not wait a year (we have been TTC since 2003), it sometimes gets frustrating. I wish you luck and hopefully we all will be with child soon. I do not know how long after this we need to wait. they say one cycle but without a tube, not sure what to expect. Later...



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