I'm not immune to rubella
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Stacy - December 15

Hi! I have been going through testing for infertility and everything came back great...even had the HSG today and all was well. However, my doctor just called and said I am not immune to rubella, even though I had the shot last year. He said I need to get the shot and then wait three months. Any thoughts or comments on this? The thought of ANOTHER three months is killing me!


Mega - December 15

Three months?! When my RE made me take the Rubella shot I only had to wait a month. That sounds like an awfully long time to me. I guess different drs believe different things & some are more conservative than others. Hang in there!


Rene - December 15

I too only had to wait 30 days...


Kerri - December 15

My doctor told me that I wasn't immune to Rubella either...so he said after my period started I should get the shot and then wait 4-6 weeks.....but my period never started. So I'm 16 weeks pregnant and not immune to Rubella, it's a slim to none chance of getting it....but I'm sure I'll get the shot before the next pregnancy. I'd take your chances...you need to take advantage of the HSG ( most fertile 3 months post) I had HSG done in July and got pregnant in September. Good Luck!


d - December 15

i dont have problems with rubella, but i was wondering what an HSG is?


Mega - December 15

Hi d! An HSG is a dye test where they insert dye into your fallopian tubes to make sure they're free of blockages. It's pretty crampy & painful, but still a good test to have. I'd suggest discussing this with your dr. Also, before you get it done, take 3 or 4 advil a 1/2 hr before the procedure, it helps A LOT. Good luck!



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