I'm new and need a lot of help
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Marie - September 16

I'm new at this. We have been trying since the end of May and no luck. I'm reading several posts trying to understand things, but what is the temp for? Do you get the meds from the doc that you all are talking about? I'm just trying to understand a little more. Thank so much for the help!


kc - September 16

Basal body temp.is you temp first thing in the morning when you open your eyes. Before it will dip slightly around 2 tenths. After ovulation it will jump about 1/5 a degree and stay elevated until you af arrives. Some women use this to see when they ovulate. It works best if you cycle is very regular since the spike in temp means you already ovulated and it maybe too late to bd. Many use this along with opt kits and charting cm and cp. As for the meds. Fertility meds should be taken under the supervision of a doctor and most will not prescribe medication until you have ttc for at least a year. 6 months if they know you have a problem. I hope I helped. Lots of Luck. Don't worry 90% of women ttc do so within a year. Don't worry until then.


Ericka - September 16

Taking your temps is good because it lets you know that you are o'ing. If you are using that alone, it will be bifficult to ttc because your temps rise once you already O. Like kc said, you should use it in conjunction with opk's and charting your cm. If you are pretty regular your cycles become predictable. Good luck.


Marie - September 17

Thanks so much for all of your help. I really appreciate it.



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