I'm nearly 38, any one older than me been successful?
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Lena - July 10

The odds of pregnancy are much higher with IVF than with IUI. The reason IVF pregnancy rate is higher is that they are inseminating a fertilized conceptus. With IUI, there is a possibility that a conceptus isn't created. Also with IVF, they inseminate 3-6 conceptus. Whereas IUI typically involves 1-4 follicles, which again there is not guarantee that any of them will become fertilized. With any pregnancy and regardless of the conception method, there is a 1 in 6 chance it will not result in a live birth.


KellyC - July 10

Hi, ladies I have been reading your posts and had come across this website concerning the likelihood of getting preggo each month. I hope this helps and baby blessing to all!


KellyC - July 10

Hi, I just tried the website I listed and it does not work. If you go to www.webmd.com, then click on Webmd health to the right of the page, then click on Pregnancy and family to the left you will be able to find the info under Getting Pregnant. Lots of other fun and useful info. Have fun!


Mimi - July 12

I am 40 and ttc. My grandmother had my mother at 39 years old and my aunt, my mom's sister had her youngest at age 40. My best friend had her two youngest at age 37 and 39 after a tubal reversal. Good luck to you. :)


Kathy - July 12

Hi everyone!! I've been on the IUI forum and just saw this one. I am so happy to hear such positive stories. I'm waiting to finish my happy ending. As for me, I'll be 42 in 2 mos. I didn't marry until 38 so I already had a late start. After trying for 18 mos. we decided on IVF last year, dr was pushing it. I had a Hysteroscopy and checked out fine, so did my husband. The following month we were to start shots for IVF. In the middle of shots I discovered I was PG. I have no doubt the hysteroscopy was the cure! Unfortunately I had a m/c 2 mos. later. We waited 3 mos. (under dr. orders) to try again. The 4th mo. I was PG again, ended in m/c. Dr. still pushed IVF because of age but I got a 2nd opinion that said to try IUI. We had enough meds from IVF to try 3 IUIs. 1st one failed (however I had 11 eggs, just not right size), 2nd IUI (had 5 eggs, two perfect size) I got PG & am 3 wks as of yesterday. I am holding my breath for a few mos. but I'm definitely more relaxed with this 3rd PG. Sometimes it takes a few bad eggs to find a good one. Ironic, it worked the same way to find my husband, ha ha!


Kathy - July 12

Congrats on your pregnancy!!! Wishing u only the best:)


s - July 13

my aunt got married at 40, had her first child at 41, then a second at 43...she is now 45 with a third child on the way...


Mimi - July 13

Kathy, sorry for posting under your name above. I meant to congratulate you and wish u the best! Sorry about that. :)


Kathy - July 13

Thank you so much Mimi (don't worry about the goof, that's something I would do!! haha!). Thank you also "S" for that encouraging information about you Aunt. I'd LOVE more than one so hearing stories like that make me excited!


D - July 15

I'm 39 and have been TTC for 3 1/2 years. I did an IVF and was cancelled due to oversuppression. On the second attempt we put in 4 embies, but nothing. Then I decided to take a break because of cost and did acupuncture and herbs. For the first time ever I got a BFP last August. I lost the baby at 5w2d. I got another BFP in October (Lost that one at 12 weeks). But I feel very strongly that doing the holistic stuff has helped me tremendously. There's a book called "The Infertility Cure" by Randine Lewis that I would strongly recommend reading. I don't buy into everything she talks about but I do do the acupressure points, and it's made a world of difference. Now I just need to study up on the miscarriage part of the book and maybe I'll be able to keep my next bean!

Because I was having such a hard time conceiving, I decided to go a little bit beyind the "reasonable" in cleaning up my act: We already know that second hand smoke is detrimental, so I refused to even walk through a cloud of smoke outside of Target! I also gave up ALL coffee (decaf too since it has caffeine AND some think it's the oils in the coffee that are what's bad while TTC), No more sugar or sweeteners of any kind (including splenda), no more cokes or softdrinks. And a modified low carb diet. And also no tampons. I just figure that with my age, I've already got some things against me. I might as well try to give myself an edge somehow. None of this is inconveniencing me really, so why not try?

I also started destressing by doing meditation and guided imagery (another great book: Conquering Infertility by Alice Domar) which really has made a difference in my attitude.

None of this can guarantee me a baby. But I will say that I am feeling pretty damn good! So, if nothing else, I'm healthier. But I'm banking on being successful.

Sorry this is such a book . But I love to share when I can.



Mimi - July 15

Thank you, D, for all the info. :) Honestly, it does hurt to try what does not hurt to try. Best of luck to you! Baby Dust to all!


merlee - July 15

D. I just got The Infertility Cure this week. I haven't started it yet, but I'm really anxious to get started. I have used natural remedies for a while, now. And I hope every thing that I have learned so far will help me in my journey to becoming a parent. Good luck to you.


Sherrille - July 15

Hi im 39yrs and have been TTC my first child since January while using clomid due to my age. My dr put me on 50mg of clomid. No luck for Jan,Feb,Mar, didnt try april or may. Tried again in June on the 27th with IUI and im on day 19 and i had no cycle. I want to wait until im a week late before i do a HPT . i guess u can say im really nervous.


D to Merlee - July 17


It's an awesome book and I think you're really going to enjoy it. Like I said, I don't necessarily buy into what she's saying but the truth is that I've seen it work first hand. I had seious issues with fibrocystic breast disease. Had to go to the docs about every two to three months to get them drained. All they could say was "don't drink anything with caffeine in it". That helped but didn't get rid of them and they were sooooo painful. But after doing the herbs and acupuncture, I don't have one single cyst anywhere. My husband, a scientist (chemist) had originally tried to dissuade me from doing this since he thought it was all hogwash but even he's come around since he can see the difference in me, from my FCBD, to my PMS (not nearly as bad) to the lessening of my cramps (they used to be so bad I would get sick to my stomach). Yeah, even he's convinced.



merlee - July 18

D. I have been reading "Infertility Cure" all weekend and have learned a lot about my condition(s). But I am somewhat confused about my diagnosis. I fit almost all of the discriptions at least 25%. So I guess I am really messed up. I am on cd 3 so I am trying to get prepared for everything to work perfectly this month following her suggestions. I want to do accupuncture but I guess I will settle for accupressure since there is no where to go for it where I live. I really like the eastern take on aging. I don't want to put too much faith in this, but I am really excited and ready to see some inprovements. I'm glad to hear that you have already had improvements. Maybe this will be it for us.


D, to Merlee - July 18

I had the same happen. I fell into all of the categories except something like heat. I couldn't afford the herbs for everything, so I just picked the top three worst to try and work on. I treated everything with the acupressure but the herbs only for my worst (yang issues, spleen deficiency, and blood stasis). I finally went to see an acupuncturist but the expense got to be a bit much at the time and so I stopped until after my second loss. Then I figured that THAT was an expense I couldn't afford. So, I cut back on going out for lunch and cut out my once a week girls night out. That allowed me to save the $65 a week I need for my current acupuncturist. This acupuncturist tells me the same thing the book does. That we should expect a month per year that we've had the problem. So, if we've had blood stasis issues for 2 years, we should expect it to take two months to start seeing changes, etc. Again, I know there's no guarantee. But I've never been one to simply sit back. I don't like docs much. I've been at this for a really long time, and I expect them to listen to what I have to say. I've fired three RE's in the past couple of years for not responding to me the way I expect them to. I'm about to start with a new one on 7/28. I'm very proactive and I aggressively pursue the steps that may help me. I have belonged to another group of ladies that are dealing with all sorts of infertility issues, and I've learned so much from them. So, when I go to the doc with info, I am very confident that I'm on the right track. It's why I love this. It allows me to take a portion of my care into my own hands. I hope it really helps you! Babydust to you and all the ladies here!



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