I'm nearly 38, any one older than me been successful?
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christine - July 8

I don't know anyone my age or older who have been TTC and been successful and I'm feeling rather down about it. The doctor we've been with for the two IUIs is very nice and has actually said I'm still young so we're getting the support there, I just worry that the years are flying past and still no baby. We've been TTC seriously for 2 years, although we've not used contraception for 6 years. Hubby's sperm is fine and I've had an HSG and was fine. Had a miscarriage after first IUI and just failed second IUI and am starting the third IUI, maybe it'll be third time lucky! Thanks for listening and I hope to hear something positive from someone.


KTL - July 8

If you were able to get pg on the first IUI, I really believe you will be able to get pregnant again. I'm 38 and am now 5 1/2 weeks pg after 3 1/2 years of trying. Tests have shown my HCG and progesterone levels are great, and I will have an ultrasound at the end of next week and hopefully it will show that everything is going well. We tried for 1 1/2 years before going to the doctor. We quickly found out we had male issues and started off with 8 natural cycle IUIs. When that didn't work, I had an HSG and the month after the HSG I got pregnant. Unfortunately I had a m/c at 6 weeks. Then 4 more natural IUI's, then 2 cycles of Clomid with IUI and nothing. Then I was switched to Femara and the doctor suggested another HSG, not for diagnostic, but to try to recreate the conditions of the last time I got pregnant (the HSG increases your chances for 3 months). I got pg the second month after the HSG. (Obviously, the HSG is the key for me).
Also, I went to my 20th high school reunion a few weeks ago and was shocked at how many of the girls I went to school with were either pregnant or had babies under 1 1/2 years old. You are not too old!


christine - July 8

thanks KTL, your answer is very reassuring to me. It wasn't till this forum that i found out such rumours about the HSG. Thank you


Beth - July 8

My mom had a baby at 38, then another one at 43! I think it happens pretty often now, also. More women are having careers first, then families.


Kelly - July 8

Hi ladies, I have a question. I am 37 and was told by RE that I have a high FSH level. Has anyone here ever been told that from their bloodwork? It has been discouraging to me. But the doc.says it is still possible :) THANKS!!


Jill - July 8

My mom was 42 when she had my little sister, and 43 when she had my little brother. That's after she found out she had endometriosis, and fibroids in her uterus. It's always possible!!


merlee - July 8

Hi, christine! I am also 37 and have been ttc for 2.5 yrs. I have had all the test and no diagnosis. I am trying herbs b/c I was told that I had only 6% chance of conceiving with IUI which is the same as trying naturally without drugs. That sounds really dismal but I have to have faith in God above that I will someday soon have that little baby we want so bad. It sound like you really like your doc. That helps a lot. Good Luck and Baby Dust.


Lena - July 8

Hi Christine, I turned 39 last week and have been ttc for 3 years now. My husband had an unsuccessful vasvasectomy so our options are DIUI or IVF/ICSI. Financially, we are only able to ttc for a few months at a time and then have to take a break. Like you, I feel desperate b/c of my age even though my hormone levels are fine. My mom was 38 and 40 when she had me and my sister. My sister had her two girls at 38 and 42. I use this as my hope that it will happen for me. The odds of pregnancy by IUI are low. The fact that you were able to conceive indicates that you have a high probability of conceiving again. Best wishes to you and your partner!


christine - July 9

thanks so much everyone. I've got a cyst on my ovary from the second iui treatment so the doctor told me to wait a month and then we're on holiday! So now I have to wait 2 months and I will be 38 for the next (3rd) iui treatment.


merlee - July 9

why have you been told so low a percentage for trying with iui? 6%? we were told and I've read that its 20 to 25% with iui? *confused*


christine - July 9

sorry I wrote your name there merlee! why have you been told so low a percentage for trying with iui? 6%? we were told and I've read that its 20 to 25% with iui? *confused*


Lena - July 9

Christine, I got a cyst with my first clomid cycle too. It regressed in two weeks and I haven't had anymore during my 3 subsequent clomid cycles. Regarding IUI percentages, its approximately a 6-10% chance that it will result in a live birth. Perhaps the percentage you heard was for pregnancies. A pregnancy rate will always be higher than the live birth rate for any conception method. Personally, I like to think of it as 50/50 - I'll either get pregnant or I won't. ;)


christine - July 9

lena, i have the same thoughts as you! Either I am or not. I didn't realise live birth was so low.... Is it higher with IVF?


merlee - July 9

christine, It is probably due to my "advanced" age of 37 that my chances are lower than yours.


merlee - July 9

I just re-read your post and that you are the same age as me. I only know what they told me and it was only 6% of having a baby by IUI and clomid.


Zoe - July 10

Hi - for what it's worth, my Admin Asst at my last job got pregnant for the first time at 42 after trying for 7 years. She stopped drinking ANY alcohol, or caffeine, and swears that helped. Anyway - her baby is absolutely cute as can be: perfect. She was giving up too...So yes! I'd say you have PLENTY of hope! you're young. It'll happen - just start being as healthy as you can be to put the odds in your favor


Lena - July 10

The odds of pregnancy are much higher with IVF than with IUI. The reason IVF pregnancy rate is higher is that they are inseminating a fertilized conceptus. With IUI, there is a possibility that a conceptus isn't created. Also with IVF, they inseminate 3-6 conceptus. Whereas IUI typically involves 1-4 follicles, which again there is not guarantee that any of them will become fertilized. With any pregnancy and regardless of the conception method, there is a 1 in 6 chance it will not result in a live birth.



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