I'm I pregnant?
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melanie - April 22

I'm 40 y.o. I lost a baby on 12/10 and I've been trying to get pregnant since. I normally have a 28 day cycle and this month I had a 26 day. I had intercourse 3 times during my ovulation period, now I'm experiencing a white discharge, dry lips, queaky feeling in my stomach, weird taste in my mouth and a fluttering feeling in my stomach..


Shay - April 22

When is your period due this month? Are you late? I hear the weird taste in your mouth is a sign, and is sometimes described as a metallic type of taste. Of course, best to test though or go to dr. BEST OF LUCK TO YOU!!!!!


melanie - April 22

Thanks Shay for your response. No my period isn't late yet. Its actually due Sunday.. the taste is as you described. I'm hoping that this is the one!! Keep me in your prayers!!!


MELANIE - April 25



Stephanie - April 25

I would wait another few days or so. If you don't get your period then take another HPT and if still comes back negative, see if you can get an appt., for a blood test. Good Luck.


MELANIE - April 29

28 days has past.. still no cycle... pregnancy test negative.. What should I do next?


hayley - April 30

i think u sould do another preg test . but leave it till a week after your last preg test.if it still comes bk negative go and see your gp. good luck



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