i'm desperate
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janeadebs - February 6

i finished my first round of clomid about i week ago and i'm 4 days pass ovulation,i have been experiencing headache and sick and my temperature is a bit high i feel tired all the time are these signs a sign of clomid or signs of pregnancy because my period will be due in about 12 days time.because i learnt you can't have pregnancy sign aroud thi time


tk07 - February 6

hi, it would be too early to have any signs of pregnancy. are you sure you aren't actually sick?
good luck!


Tink - February 6

i agree- too early. clomid and other meds will tease you into thinking you are experiencing pregnancy symptoms. i could have sworn i was pregnant quite a few medicated cycles, but it was always the meds playing tricks on me. so it can be the drugs or perhaps you are actually sick. good luck and baby dust!



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