I'm clomid dumb
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soimpatient - January 19

My husband and I have been ttc for only 5 months now but we're having a hard time because I have such irregular cycles...I haven't had a period in 2 months so I don't think I'm ovulating. I am wondering if I should ask my doctor for clomid...I've been reading a little bit about it on these boards and I'm wondering what kind of experiences others have had with this reproductive aid.


Mega - January 19

Since you're so irregular you probably won't have to wait the full year they recommend for women TTC. I saw my dr after 7 months b/c of my increasingly longer cycles, & she ran blood work first to check my thryoid, test for PCOS, etc. I'd say that's the first step for you. I was also prescribed Clomid, been on it for 6 cycles now & I do ovulate every month. But I'm still waiting for my BFP! So, yes, I'd definitely suggest making an appt. with your dr & discussing Clomid. They could also prescribe you Provera to induce your AF. Good luck! Baby dust.


I KNOW - January 20

Hey there. I have only been ttc for that long and will be starting clomid this cycle. I had 60+ day cycles and 75+ day cycles-and I NEVER got my period until it was induced by provera or prometrium. So, I agree with Mega about the blood work, just to make sure. I was going to wait longer to ask, but I was getting so frustrated!! I know how you feel. I basically wasted 6 months, but I couldn't have really known that before.....Were you on the pill ever? I think that is what screwed me up.



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