I'm a newbie here - trying to understand
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JerseyGirl - July 7

Can someone explain all the abbreviations you all use so I can understand?

My story: my husband and I decided late last year to try for a baby. I stopped the birth control pill in September, and starting prenatal vitamins January 1. We've been "trying" since then. I put that in quotes because we don't do it nearly enough. From what I've read, a couple should have sex quite a number of times around your ovulation date... but we only do it once or twice. Then he gets upset when I get my period! We're not arguing about it or anything, but you all know... when you want something, you want it now.


ROBYN - July 7

HI JerseyGirl, My name is Robyn here are just some of the abbrvs we use: TTC=Trying to Conceive, BD= baby dance (or sex), DH = Dear Husband, O = Ovulation, DS = Dear Son and DD = dear daughter, Then u have a bunch of fertility abbrvs. We have a great thread called ( Anyone Looking for Cycle Buddies....TTC JULY Chapter 1) come over and read we welcome all newcomers and they are a great bunch of supportive ladies. Good luck to you.


JerseyGirl - July 7

Thanks Robyn. I never would've guessed what BD was - I like it!


MichelleB - July 7

Good post...I ahve been clueless!


Jaqi - July 8

Hey Jersey.....AF - means Aunt Flow or your period I think Robyn covered the other basics


Jaqi - July 8

Oh....CD = Cycle Day RE = Reproductive Endocronologist BFP = Big Fat Positive (pregnancy test) and BFN = Big Fat Negative (pregnancy test)


cspears99 - July 8

Thanks for all the abbr, it has helped me too, I am 32 on my 3rd cycle of IUI had it last night so now just waiting my 2WW, two week wait, fingers crossed, 3rd times a charm, good luck to all!!! Cheryl


cspears99 - July 9

when everyone says thread does that mean the cycle start, clomid, iui, the whole thing?? thank you


Jaqi - July 9

Hey cspears - a thread is the topic/question. Good luck in the 2 ww!


cspears99 - July 9

jaqui thank you!! I am an idiot, this time I am going to actually try and wait to take pregnacy tests!! thanks again


Jaqi - July 9

Your welcome chica!! Your not an idiot...girl I was lost too when I first saw the abbvs. on here...lol Yeah, I can't break myself down to take a pg test. I just wait for AF. I'm a chicken baby lol


cspears99 - July 10

Jaqi you are funny, and have lots of self control, I can't even tell you how many tests I go through each month!! :-)


Jaqi - July 10

:o) Yeah, if I couldn't control myself, I'd be soooo broke doing PG tests. But I always get AF because she is the CURSE!!! lol She won't leave me alone. She tricked me about a year and a half ago by not coming. She was playing games with me...lol that bitch!


Citrine - July 10

JerseyGirl - about frequency...my DH and I have the same problem for various reasons. Doing it everyday is good if the man has no fertility problems, but every other day is statistically just as good - from what I've read. Although sperm can live up to 5 days, I read it typically lasts only 3 day, & while the egg can live up to 24 hrs, it can start deteriorating as quickly as 2 hrs after o'ing, typically 12 hrs...that's what i've gathered...so, right before o'ing is good to give the sperm a chance to get into place. Baby dust.



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