I'm 31, can anyone tell me the % my fertility is at???
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DAS - May 16

My mother just told me that after 30, your fertility drops. How much???? Anyone know? I thought it was 40?!

I'm 31 and we're trying to decide whether or not to have another, but I don't want to have to rush it. On the other hand, if I wait too long......

Anyone?? Thank you:)


mommy2josh - May 16

I found this online for you. The first set of numbers is age group, the second is infertility % and third is percentage that you will remain childless. Hope this helps. I myself am 30 and have been TTC #2 for over 3 years. I am anovulatory and am waiting for my hubby to be checked. Good luck.
Table 1. Infertility Increases With Age
Percentage of married women who are infertile by age group.
Percent chance
Age Group (years) Percent Infertile of remaining childless*
20 - 24 7 6
25 - 29 9 9
30 - 34 15 15
35 - 39 22 30
40 - 44 29 64


mommy2josh - May 16

Ok, this is confusing. Ages 20-24 you have 7% of infertility and 6% that you will remain childless. Ages 25-29 you have 9% of infertility and 9% that you will remain childless. Ages 30-34 you have 15% of infertility and 15% that you will remain childless. Ages 35-39 you have 22% of infertility and 30% that you will remain childless. Ages 40-44 you have 29% of infertility and 64% that you will remain childless. :)


DAS - May 16

Thank you:) I guess that sounds about right. This past year my cycles have changed a lot.. Like my periods are only 3 days! I thought I mught possibley be starting premature menopause! I guess I'd better schedule a gyn appointment.

Thanks:0) Debbie


MrsIke - May 17

I also have read in a fertility book that if youre in your 20's its about 25% of getting pregnant each month and 30's only 10-15% of getting pregnant each month. But it will increase by 50% chance of getting pregnant if you BD 2 to 3 times a week. If you BD once a week your chances of getting pregnant was less than 5%. Supplements also help...vitamin E, which is good in the luteal phase and helps w/production of progesterone. Good Luck.


DAS - May 17

Thank you. This wasn't so frustrating in my 20's. I felt like I had all the time in the world! I hit 30 (I'll be 32 May 29th) and I went back baby world!


HereIAm - June 1



newmommy - June 1

DAS, ask your docs to do a Clomid Challenge test, which tests your ovarian reserve. You have blood work including your FSH level drawn in the first few days of your cycle, (sometime between days 2-5). Sometimes they will do an ultrasound also. Then you take Clomid on days 5-9 of your cycle, and then go back on your day 10 for another FSH blood draw. If your FSH level is normal, then you are probably okay waiting for a bit. If it's elevated (over 10), then you know that you are pushing it by waiting. I hope this helps! Good luck! I'm 28, and have been ttc for #1 for 20 months now. I feel like I'm running out of time, too. I'm already thinking ahead for #2, and hoping that I won't have to worry about age!


Tink - June 1

supposedly after 35 is when your egg quality can start diminishing or your reserve start getting low. but then agian we have women on the news having babies in their 60s too. but usually 35 is what the medical profession uses as the standard as to when it might be more difficult- for instance, a fertility doc will see someone over 35 faster than someone under 35, knowing their risk is higher for problems. i am 33, almost 34 having my first child and don't regret waiting, even though we had problems- we would have had this problem at 20.



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