I LOVE AF!!!!!!!!!
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Argh! - January 30

Yes it’s true – I love AF! Ah, for so long – 19months to be exact - I have hated her, sworn her into a 9 month exile many a time only to be beat down in monthly bloodshed… Now, I have a new approach – a psychological reversal twist… Instead of hating her – that’s what she wants to have her way – I will love her! Yes, welcome her nasty face - invite her over – shopping & sulking for two.... My new best friend. To hell with TTC – I’d rather stock up on Playtex, cheap wine & condoms… Set her up nicely. Yep – my new outlook on AF is the last attempt at a woman loosing her mind with BFN’s & tears… I will trick her into hitting the road for once & for all! THIS POST IS FOR ALL YOU WOMEN, JUST LIKE ME WHO ARE STUCK WITH AF WHEN IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN THAT LONG AWAITED BFP THIS MONTH….. WE HAVE TO KEEP HOPE ALIVE!!! Even if it mans resorting to reverse psychology… Lol – this is just for kicks ladies, I don’t know how to crack a smile when this is getting me down further & further every month! What has our forum come to?! Is there no refuge for support to be found?! Here’s to the last few specks of hope left… BABY DUST!!!!


Steff - January 30

I love your approach.... ha ha ha :) Good luck to you on your TTC (or not) journey !!! :) :) Smile and baby Dust!



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