I like hearing about BFPs! Post yours!
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maknyle - July 11

I like hearing about the ladies on here who have overcome whatever obstacles they have been given and gotten a BFP, and I am sure that I am not alone. So if you have gotten your BFP recently then please share your story. It brings hope to those of us who are still in the race. Babydust and best wishes!


CC - July 12

EMM, you are so cute. I second what you said. The success stories continue to give us all hope!


DB - July 12

Well, my bfp was a bit ago, but I was diagnosed with PCOS in March, (we had been ttc since 9/05 and had done a clomid cycle with my OB, but I had extrememly low progesterone and a bfn. ) I began Metformin 1500mg daily after seeing the RE. I finally got AF on my own without provera or prometrium at the end of April. I was seeing an RE, so I took clomid 100mg days 5-9 and also had multiple u/s to measure the follicles ( I had 2). When the 2 follies were mature (day 17 I think) I had an hcg trigger shot to induce O. We bd before O and during and after and used Preseed. I got a bfp at 12dpo and it was FAINT!! My beta was low to start 25.2 on 13dpo, but it kept doubling and I'm now 11w2d. We heard the heartbeat at 9w5d. My biggest advice would be to see a Reproductive Endocrinologist if your insurance will cover it. They made it sooooo much easier. Sure, I had to go to the doctor A LOT, but luckily we got the bfp on the first cycle with the RE. Good luck to all the ladies ttc.


maknyle - July 12

Congrats DB! Thanks for sharing.


Ann1 - July 12

Hi maknyle, I post w/Tracy and CC, too. Dh and I started trying in April 2004. We tried for a year then went to the ob/gyn (she did all the blood work and hsg--all good). I had polyp that had to be removed, and my dr shaved down fibroids at that time, too (hysteroscopy). On my followup from that surgery, they saw a cyst on my ovary. It didn't go away, so I had a lap August of 2005. They found mild endo all over the place and blood pooling in my stomach. After calling in specialists for all the removal, I was back on w/ttc. I did 6 rounds of clomid (5 w/iui), and then went to a RE. He reran all the tests except the hsg and did the clomid challenge test with my cd3 blood work. Very bad news on that one--my fsh was up to 12.9 on cd3 and 15.9 on cd10. I did 2 rounds of injectibles with iui (both BFNs after 62 shots in my stomach). I switched REs to go to ivf for insurance reasons. The new RE did a saline sono and found more fibroids that may interfere w/implantation. So I was scheduled for surgery on June 22. Af was due on June 17, I thought she arrived but the bleeding stopped. I had taken a hpt that morn and got a BFN. June 18, still no af. I took an opk and got a surge (had no hpts). Sent dh to the store for hpts that night. Took them both June 19--2 BFPs!! Confirmed w/a beta that day. After 7 iuis, I ended up pg on a natural cycle. Now, I am 7 weeks along.


central - July 13

not so recently, but I got my BFP 05/08/06 I was going on two months when i found out. The first month I didnt have a clue because i was not into rushing to find out my nerve recking results. when i didnt see AF for over a month thats when I was ready to see what was going on. I really thought that I couldnt get pregnant because i was used to BFN so manty times. I am now 4 months pregnant and i am so excited, i am still in shock. I am ready to find out the gender.It really dont matter what is the gender i just want to know.


central - July 13

HSG 1/31- clear tubes. My problem was my tubes needed to clear in order for sperm to enter and penetrate through the tubes. Over two years of trying and i needed was the dye test to clear out the debris or the residue that was blocking my tubes. good luck to all ttc.


maknyle - July 13

Your stories make me smile. It is so nice to hear success. We already have a child and are experiencing male factor now. I guess we were experiencing it then too, but we just didn't know it. It has been 16 or 17 months, and we are now starting under the care of an RE. We keep trying though because he said that we have a 25 to 30% chance of conceiving on our own again at some point in our lives...which is not soon enough! Thanks again for sharing your stories, and good luck!


Leilani14 - July 14

Hi! I have an interesting BFP story involving male factor. We started to ttc Jan 2005 and with all temping and OPKs we were goetting pregnant. I just had a feeling something is wrong so in May 2005 DH did SA and we found out that there is a problem with little swimers. Count was 13mil/ml, motility only 23% and morph 6%. That started our battle with infertility. DH saw urologist that and did all teh tests but they couldn't explain pooe SA results. We did some research ourselves and DH started vitamins, and antionxidans, L-Carnitine and Pycnogenol. We were told that IVF is our only option. Urologist wnated to do more SA, so DH did SA aproximately every two months. It was encouraging to see that next SA was a little better, stil very far from normal, but every little improvenet gives hope. In December we decided that we will talk to RE and will start our IVF journey. DH did another SA that was even better again, so we secretly hoped that RE may want to try IUI. We had an appointemnt set up for Jan 16 2006. It was Jan 12 and AF was due on 14, so as I did what I did many times before, I did HPT. It helped me to make my peace with obvious. Well only this time I was in for surprise. I did HPT early in the morning and as the result line started to show, and I just went to bed for 10 more minutes being sure it was BFN. Well after I got up there was a test with two lines, one faint but a line. I never got any hint of a second line before and I tought how stupid of me since the time for reading test has past and this may not be anything, or it could mean a miracle has happend. So I went to the store and got another, well few more tests and did it at work and sure enough there was my real BFP. We got pregnant naturally. I’m 30 weeks pregnant now and everything looks great. I’m sending you a lot of baby dust.


crystal74 - July 14

hi everyone, when i was battling with the ttc, i too loved to hear success stories. although i would cry all the time because i wasn't. we started TTC march/05, months went by and nothing but period after period. went to the ob and she told me how to determine when you O. so we did that for 6 months and nothing. went back and saw another dr. she had a dye test done, came back clear. we had sperm checked and came back low motility. we tried for another 6 months and went back in and then planned for 6 months of IUI's, first 3 without meds, then the next three with chlomid. we stayed very healthy and ate/exercise for 6 months prior. we got pregnant with our first IUI. i am now 5 weeks along. hope this brings some hope


Justine1 - July 16

It took us 3 years and 1 IVF-ICSI cycle to conceive our first baby due to male infertility. After a very diificult pregnancy, Sophie was born in Oct 05 and is a lovely baby always smiling. Her website is www.totsites.com/tot/sophie. She's now 8 months and I've recently found out I'm 11 weeks pregnant naturally. We were told we had almost 0 chance of conceiving naturally so its a lovely surprise. You are very fertile after childbirth so for those with problems conceiving their first baby I'ld say its well worth trying again quickly. I've know several people who it took years to conceive their first baby but no. 2 came very quickly. Good luck to all those ttc.


maknyle - July 17

That is fantastic, Justine! She is really cute too. I checked out the site. We wanted to have 3 or 4, and we have already discussed that we would begin immediately if we ever get pregnant with number 2. I have heard that from several people as well about being extra fertile after childbirth. I will say though that after giving birth to my son the thought of sex was not at all on my top 10. But, you have to work for what you want. Good for you Justine. Congrats!


Justine1 - July 17

Thank you very much Maknyle. It wasn't on my top 10 either! We'ld just assumed we couldn't get pregnant naturally so I didn't even test until AF was 3 weeks late. We're delighted but still in shock and hoping the first u/s goes well on 27th. My baby Sophie will be so happy as she loves an audience. Everyone I've spoken to has said that the children love being so close which is good. I really hope you get pregnant soon and get your 3 or 4 children.


dmk - July 25



d - July 25

Dh and I have been ttc 11 months. (if you really count the beginning of 2005 we were ttc for 17 months. We were just getting ready to go to the infertility specialist... This is what we did different this month and I wanted to share it with all of you. We bd'd everyday from day 4 until the 15 but then I lost count after that. I wasn't really keeping track. I did not mark when we bd'd and when we didn't. I didn't temp either. Basically we took a break. I was tired of the bfn's every month. SO far as of yesterday and today i got 3 faint BFP's. And I am in shock. My bb's didn't start being sore until after af was late. ..I know every month is a heartbreak. And i was already at breaking point my the time af started in June. My lmp was on 6/22. and yesterday 7/24 i got my first bfp. I know for some of you this may not be what you want to read. But somehow it happened. Whether it was not paying attention or forgetting about it and being mad, it happened. I don't know if I am speaking too soon, But i just had to share that it does happen to those of us that wait and wait and cry every month. I am sending all the babydust that I can to all of you, in hopes that you will all get your bfps!!. With lots of Babydust!! FINALLY!!!!!!!! :o)


Tammy276 - July 25

Hey all! I got my BFP 7 days before AF was due!!!! I tested last Wed., just for the heck of it, and it was positive!! Holy crap I couldn't believe I got a BFP so early!!!! We are excited, this will be #2 for us, ds will be 2 in october!!



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