I just don't understand!!! Was it the abortion?
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bevly081384 - August 29

It will be almost 2 and a half years next month when I got an abortion (medical reasons beyond help). I wanted that baby so bad !! but, it was beyond my reach. Not only am I dealing with the mental pain but, the physical has struck. I've been trying ever seince the abortion to conceive again. No luck though. My periods have been messed up and very irregular. Some months it'll be fine and light flow.Some it will be brown and thick and globby. Other months ,it won't show at all.Before the abortion my cycles were normal and heavy.I have unprotected sex with my husband. But, for 2 years....we haven't got prego yet. It's so stressfull. I've run out of hope.....Could I be haveing too much sex? Is it possible to be immune to sperm? I 'm just so lost. Somebody help me, please ....Thank you in advance:)


Mega - August 29

bevly--I'm so sorry for all you've been thru & all you're going thru now. First, if you haven't already been, I'd highly recommend seeing a RE, there is something causing your irreg. AF, etc. The RE will get in there, run some tests, figure out what's wrong & better yet how to fix it. Also has your DH been tested lately? You've been pg before, there's every reason to believe it'll happen again for you, you just might need a little help getting there. That's all. Good luck to you. Hang in there!


slowpoke01 - August 30

i agree with mega. you really should see an re. there is a reason that your cycles are out of whack and it may be your progesterone which is very important in early pregnancy and for regular periods. it could be anything though and an re will be more aggressive than a regular ob/gyn. you may just need some help getting pregnant again. good luck



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