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HELP 23 - November 2

just went to my Dr last night for my yearly, and i was telling here that after 8 months still nothing.. she wanst me to go for a transvagional ultrasound, anyone have this done, and what is this for.. I also need go to for a Post coil Test and a Endometrial biopsy after all that, and still nothing than we will proceeed with Clomid and Insemination.. is there anyone else in my sitiation??


Mega - November 2

That's great that your dr wants to take such a proactive chance instead of making you wait a year, which I think is a little arbitrary. I've had lots & lots of transvaginal u/s's, basically it's just
to make sure everything down there is where it should be & to check for fibroids, cysts, polycystic ovaries, etc. It's quick & painless. That's partly how my RE dx me with PCOS. I haven't had the other tests, but they're fairly standard. I'm surprised your dr doesn't want to do a blood panel though to check for hormone levels, etc...Are you regular? Has your partner been checked? I went to my dr. after ttc for 7 mos. or so, & mentioned I was so irregular. She ran b/w etc. & then put me on Clomid. Then I got my DH tested & since he has morphology issues we've since switched to a RE and did our first IUI last week. Good luck! And again, I think you did the right thing in seeking help at this point. HTH!


I agree - November 2

post coital is easy, you are told when to have sex (it has to be close to ovulation) and then they will have you come in within so many hours and check your mucous to see if it is sperm friendly or not. If there are swimmers still it is probably ok. In my case they were all dead so it meant they either didnt last long enough after he ejaculated until the test or my mucous was killing them (which i think is highly likely as I think I am very acidicky down there-more than usual). It was like doing a pap test so no pain at all. Never had the endometrial but what mega said about the u/s is the same as what i've been told. Only if they find a problem would I start on clomid and insemination as it gets costly, you can only be on clomid 6 months max. unless you are over 35. If you are in your 20s or early 30's and nothing shows wrong between you (and get your husbands seman analysis done ) and if it is all ok I would continue to try say til Chrismas and if no luck then maybe go to meds. 8 months trying naturally with no problems is not that much time and the more natural you can conceive the better your chances. Meds and fertility drugs add an increase to miscarriage chances, hyperstimulation just to mention a few things that can go wrong. Dont be too anxious to go the med route unless they find problems or you are 35 or over. Best wishes and good luck with your testings.


my opinion - November 2

Get your DH/partner a semen test. Often times the problem lies with them and not us!


help 23 - November 2

thanks for all your answers.. DH has been tested and he is fine, i had an HSG and blood work, and everytghng was fine.. so now it's back to these final two testing!!!


in NC - November 2

HELP 23....I agree has pretty much given you all the information. I am over 35 and we have been trying for three years...I have had many transvaginal ultrasounds and at most it is uncomfortable if all your parts are not readily seen (my left ovary is higher in my adomen). 1st pregnancy ended in miscarriage and second with medication ended in an ectopic (tubal) which is another things that can happen taking medication which I agree did not mention. If able, take it slow...clomid has HUGE moodiness side effects. Best of luck to you.


to: In NC - November 3

Me too. i am in NC..i am 32 and have been trying to get pg for 4years i have a son who is 7 didn't think it would be so hard the 2nd time still here i am 4 years later....i found out about 3mths ago i have pcos and was put on bc to regulate my cycle and then started on Femara.....The Dr i am seeing was highly recommened but i feel nothing is happen and i have a lot of question that a nurse answers every month....i have read on the board how a lot of people go back for u/s and iui but i have never.... just take Femara 4 days after 1st day of cycle and call if af comes the next month.....i am getting kinda tired of the whole thing...i want a baby and i know pcos is a problem but i don't need a nurse to tell me that every month......i want to try something else.....have you taken clomid are Femara? if so did it do any thing for you are anything to you?


Also in NC - November 3

To those of you in NC, are you close enough to Charlotte to go to REACH (Reproductive Endocrinology Associates of Charlotte)? My husband and I went there after 3 1/2 years of trying, and I conceived on my first cycle of IUI. They are wonderful - very professional, knowledgeable, and caring - and I would highly recommend them. Even if you are some distance away, it would be well worth traveling here if possible. From what I understand, they have one of the highest success rates in the nation.


hopeful - November 3

...hi, this is my first time to this site, I am very sad as I was hoping this month was the month!.....then lastnight, I started my menses! I had a miscarriage last July, after 4 months, my water broke. I went through a number of blood test and in Dec. my OB injected dye, to be sure of no blockages. My problem is....I didn't ask enough questions.....as my OB thought my husband and I would conceive right away, and here we are in November! I was wondering if anyone has gone though the dye test and should I seek my OB's help or keep trying....I use the Ovulation tests as well.....I just ordered the Ovulex pills for my huband and I....is there anything else?


Also in NC - November 3

I will check in to that i am about 20 something miles from WILMINGTON i don't mind making that trip....thank-you



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