i have poly cystic ovary syndrome
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Cher - August 7

has any one got pg with this syndrome. how long did it take.was there any complications.any suggestions for me been trying for the past 6 years naturally no fertility drugs.


Paula - August 7

Did the docs tell you anything that can help, i read a few forums on this site and they have some girls talking about it here, so check it out!


Anna - August 8

Cher, you can go to womenshealth.gov and type in polycystic ovarian syndrome, or go to http://4women.gov/faq/pcos.htm#1 for some good info. on polycystic. Good luck with ttc!


Jill - August 8

Well, I've had PCOS since I was 12, it runs in my family. I got pregnant with my son while I was on birth control, so it didn't take anything. But now, I've been trying to get pregnant again for 10 months. I've even tried Clomid, with no luck yet. So, it depends on how far advanced it is and your body's reaction to it. Good luck to you.


dee - August 8

They suggest women with pcos lose weight, stay away from carbohydrates, sugar, and exercise. this will help the body with the insulin. with pcos your body produces too much insulin and doesnt have the ability to get rid of it-this then causes probs.have a low gi diet. read about diabetics diets and do something similar.


TO JILL - August 11

Hello there i seen your response to this question you said you got pg while on the birth control! I know someone else that happened too and i think and feel like i am but i thought it was impossible to get pg while on the birth control! where you on it constantly, skipped a pill etc let me know! Paula


Jill - August 13

I had been on birth control for about 2 months. Then, in the 3rd month, I just didn't feel right, so I took a test, which was positive. But I had been doing everything the doctors told me to, in relation to taking it at the same time everyday, etc. No form of birth control is 100%, so there's always a chance. Good luck!


To Jill - August 15

Thats a miracle! I know someone who has been trying for a while ans she had PCOS, the doc put her on birth control to regulate i hope and pray this happens to her. Good luck with baby#2. I have a son that just made for and i have been trying ever since he was 6 months with no luck due to my period being all whack but i went on the birth control to regulate it so lets all hope for baby #2 soon. Baby dust to all. Paula


KellyN - August 15

Hi Cher! I have PCOS too, and while I'm not pg yet, I have high hopes. My doc says it is most certainly possible. I just found out about my PCOS at the beginning of last cycle, so I'm now on all kinds of meds throughout my cycle, but hopefully it will be worth it. This will be my 2nd month with the meds, and my first month trying IUI! It most certainly is possible. There was another thread not so long ago where there were several women who put messages on saying they have PCOS and got pg, so stay positive!! -kelly


Mary Beth - August 17

I doubt you will get pregnant with out some type of help. I have the same and my dr said that with it we don't ovalate so no chance of getting pg. I start clomid on the 30th when I go back to the dr. Scary but we really want a baby. The best of luck to you whatever you decide is best for you!


Laura - August 18

Hi Cher, I have PCOS too (there are lots of us out there). I'm 7 weeks pregnant from IVF. So far so good. I have had 3 MC in the past very early in the pregnancies. Then for about 2 years we could not get pregnant on our own anymore (the Doc said I was not ovulating) so we turned to fertility measures. Most PCOS women ovulate rarely if at all so you might need some help from fertility drugs. Good luck.


Geri - September 27

Hi, I'm 23 and just found out that pcos is a high possibilty for me. I have been almost totally irregular since 14. My husband and I are going through alot of things, his mom with cancer, just celebrating our one year anniversery, and now dealing with a second hurricane to hit our state( this one damaged our 4 month old house). We've decided to put off trying for a while and just go with BC , I was just wondering if even doing this will possibly increas my chances of getting preg. I've never been on the pill or really had any problems besdies going months without cycles... if anyone has any advice please let me know.. email me [email protected]



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