I have had a tubal reversal and will answer questions
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albertagirl - May 22

I noticed that there are a lot of questions about tubal reversals but no on e really knows the answers. I have gone through the procedure and might be able to field some questions or point you in the right direction if you are considering this procedure as well.


Gwen - June 5

I to had my tubes reversed and have already been pregnant once and lost it, I think I am pregnant again. Do you think this is possible.


Adelina - June 7

I am thinking of doing this procedure... Do you know how to find an excellent doctor that can perform this procedure in the Miami, FL or South Florida area?


albertagirl - June 8

I am in Cananda so I am not sure about Florida. I asked my GP and he referred me to a Dr. try the "spirits unborn" website there might be another girl from Florida on there. I know a lot of women go to Mexico (cheaper) and have had nothing but good come out of it.


to Gwen - June 8

it depends on your cycle. I would not sit around waiting if you are late or in pain. The chance of an ectopic is increased and needs to be ruled out ASAP


Kitten - June 11

I had a tubal reversal in February, got pregnant in March but it was a chemical pregnancy. I got pregnant in April but unfortunately I lost it at 5 weeks on May 7th. I just had another chemical pregnancy this cycle so now it is on to testing to see why the babies will not stick. I had an HSG test performed in March and BOTH tubes are open and flowing. I highly recommend Dr. Perez in Mexico as I am living proof that your tubes can be reversed and get pregnant. My miscarriages have nothing to do with the tubal reversal, I think I have hormone problems. You can visit his site at www.riobravoreversal.com



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