I have been trying to get pregnant but no luck......
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Chrissy - June 1

I have been trying for 6 months now to become pregnant but no luck. I have been taking FertilAid for almost a month now. I was just wondering if anyone else was taking this? Since I have been taking this I have had more engery & more of a sex drive. I just have been so depressed that I am having such a hard time becoming pregnant. Can anyone give me any good adivce on becoming pregnant? Thanks!


Drew - June 1

Hi Chrissy, you should consider trying to chart your ovulation. This is my first month doing it (charting I mean lol) and though it can be a little confusing, I understand my cycle a little better. There is lots of places on the net where they explain how to chart, and you can create your own chart. Good luck, hope this helps!


Milissa - June 1

Chrissy> I have heard about that stuff, and I believe it takes about three months to fully work. but by then a lot of the women have become pregnant. So just hang in there! The best thing to do is NOT TRY SO hard! I know easyer said than done!! But really it works when you stop trying BAMB pregnant!! Good luck :)


Milissa - June 1

Charting can be more stressfull then good! take it from me I was charting for 4 months and all it did was make me nuts, O my temp went up here could be pregnant or if you are like me or half the women out there my cycles are all over the place did not help one bit! I stopped and I'm not stressing over becoming pregnant....But if its for you then go for it!


Chrissy - June 1

I would chart my ovulation but I dont have regular cycles at all. I will have a period for one month and then I wont have it for 6-8 months at a time. But thanks for all of the comments. And Im trying not to worry about it, thanks again everyone!


Milissa - June 1

Chrissy if you don't have periods for that amount of time then it could be a ton of things? then it could be nothing to? But I 'm the same, I always thought I was pregnant TONS of test all negative. till I realized I take after my mom and thats just me!


Milissa - June 1

O ya one more thing have you thought about takeing DHEA hormonal Balance pills you can get them at any health store or GNC ex...they are supposed to help for this kinda stuff, I was told to try them I just have not had time yet!



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