i have about two weeks to wait and see if i am pregnant!
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sz - April 4

Hey wish me luck.....this is my 7th month of trying. I am not giving up, although i am really frustrated already. I just finished my ovulation time. we had sex everyday for 5 days.......and now i have nothing left but to wait and see if i get my period or not...............I am sooooo nervous!!! I want this more then anything. I


Claire - April 4

Well good luck babes. I'm in the same boat as you. Me and my partner have been trying after a miscarriage My last period was 15th March and i have a 28 day cycle so my next one is due 12th April i worked it out that the best time to catch would have been 27th through to 30th - which DF and I did.

Yesterday CM was white and thick - does that mean i Ovulated late?????

It's really hard for me as my DF is in the army and based in Northern Ireland at the mo so he won't be home on leave for another 6 weeks and when your trying for a baby it hard. This is out first month out of 3 he's been home when af wasn't here and now I think I may have ovulated late.

Hope we both get + this month


Kelly - April 4

Claire, I just read that if you get pregnant you CM turns thick and white after conception due to the cervical plug building up. WOW! Let us know and Good Luck!!!
Sz, Baby Dust to you also!!!!


Kelly - April 4

Claire, I meant to say after conception and before af should have happend *the end of your cycle.


Claire - April 4

Kelly - really I really hope it is. Please God!

Thanks for looking that up for me
Baby dust *******


question - April 4

is this your 1st?.. do u thnk ur pregnant? is so how long are u and what symptoms are u having so far if any?


Cutie - April 4

Good luck to you and a LOT OF BABY DUST. I know how frustrating it is to TTC. Keep us posted.


VICKY - April 4



Kitten!! - April 4

This is my 8th month of trying!! I might be ovulating today, but not too sure. The worst part about TTC is the waiting and not knowing. Soooooooo hard!! Keep your chin up all, and pray. Thats all we can do. Lots of ************Baby Dust************** to all!!


May - April 5

Vicki, we have been trying a little over a year too. I am on the 11 day wait program with ya too. We should both think positive. Maybe it is finally our turn for a ++++++++++++++++++++++!


Sue - April 6

Don't worry girls, when you've been trying for two years and nothing happened, you get a bit tough with this, and it gets easier. I used to DIE with anticipation every month for the initial two years of trying, but now it's just another couple of ordinary days in my life, I take it in my stride and I'm very relaxed. You can't live on those extreme highs and lows all the time, it upsets your whole being. I know it sound easy to say you gotta relax, but I'm not just saying it, I've been there and done it. You CAN relax about this if you work on your mind. Good luck everyone!!


vicky - April 6

May,ikeep getting all these signs, feeling sick, heartburn,really gassy,and tired ,are you having any signs or am i just having phantom symptoms cause i want it sooooo bad,i [wish friday would hurry]i hope more than anything we get the results we want/need on friday, keep me informed, GOOD LUCK EVERYONE we just gotta remember its supposed to be fun trying ha ha ha.


VICKY - April 6

Sue, i wish i could have your positive attitude ,good luck honey after 2 years your luck must be due to change i'll keep everything crossed for you.


sz - April 6

Thanks gals- you encouragment really helps. This is will be my first child. I am 27 years old and i love kids. I want at least 5!!!! Anways, i still have about a week and a half to wait.....and still absolutely no symptoms........do i have to have symptoms???? Anways, i wish you all the best of luck......


May - April 7

Hey Vicky, hey everyone. Yeah, I start thinking I feel all those things around now too. I just never know if they are real or imagined. I started taking that Ovulex stuff this month and could really feel it when I ovulated. Who knows, that could have been my imagination too!!! Anyway, keep me posted. don't you have an older child? I thought I might have read that on another question. If so, how old? I have a three year old and am just so frustrated with trying to get him a sibling that is remotely close to his age. Anyway, keep me up to date and you and everyone else do the same!!!!!!!


May - April 7

That last sentence made absolutely no sense. Sorry! No, you do not have to have symptoms. With my first, I had just gotten off the pill and had taken three days off work with high fever bc of some kind of virus (taught first grade, always had a virus of some sort). Anyway, realized I should have started after that, took a test and BAM! Preggo. Very different this time around!!!!


vicky - April 7

May, yeah i too have a 3 year old son, i'm also in here as lewis'mummy. It is good to know i'm not the only one with symptoms. thanks for your advice , keep me informed as to how you get on. BABY DUST to all. x x



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