I have a Clomid, HCG trigger and spotting question
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hapistuff - November 24

After taking Clomid and having a HCG shot, has anyone had light spotting for six days, no af, and then you found out you were pregnant?


chandellina - November 24

what day after o did the spotting start? just curious, i don't have an answer for you. i am on my second round of clomid and my first trigger shot this month. just 3dpo right now though.


hapistuff - November 25

I started to see a little dark blood in my cm on the 23rd day of my cycle and then everyday there after.


hapistuff - November 25

Chandellina, BTW are you giving the shot to yourself?


slowpoke01 - November 26

hapistuff- it is possible that it could have been implantation bleeding if it was dark brown spotting. as long as it doesnt turn red i have heard of this happening to alot of women and they were pregnant, but you never know.



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