I hate the spokes model of this forum....
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Daydreaming - January 19

LMAO - I mean - c'mon, look at her! Up there ^ daydreaming about having a baby - lol - hopeful & in a ttc daze... Wow - talk about rubbing it in when I see her damned face - lol, tell me I'm not the only one who gets irked at the sight of her! (this is for fun people, relax) -hell, take a moment to daydream!


jg - January 19

Hahaha LOL you're funny. I know if it was my picture up there from when I was trying, the eyes would be puffy and bloodshot from five years of crying, there would be permanent mascara tracks coming from each eye, there would only be half the amount of hair from the times i (felt like) pulling it out, i'd be curled up on the floor in a fetal position(well, either that or it would be a pic of me in one of those chairs with the suspended bits for your legs....since that's what i seemed to be doing for five years straight), a fan would be blowing my hair, not romantically but like a windstorm from when I had hot flushes from all the hormones, and my husband would be in the background looking scared and in danger from my mood swings!!! Oh I can laugh about it now, but at the time..........well you all know what i mean.


me - January 20

she kind of looks like Beverly D'Angelo from National Lampoons Vacation doesn't she? She's a Griswald!


sal - January 20

i agree with you jd i look red puffy and tiered, also i hate all the pop ups with babies on and have you noticed pregnancy tests and ovulation kits all have babies on! do we really need to see that everyday??????????


jg - January 20

Exactly Sal!! And why is it, that the gyno's office is FULL OF PREGNANT WOMEN!!?? I actually felt bad going there when I did miraculously fall pregnant. And the pre-surgery room at the hospital where you go for all the investigations, is also the ante-natal, post-natal room!!?? Have the designers of these hospitals no compassion???


soimpatient - January 20

this thread is a breath of fresh air


dea - January 22

I hear you ladies and concur!! I am at least lucky enough that my web provider blocks the pop-ups. She is irritating! And- I am jealous...because I used to be like her (blissfully daydreaming) but that time for me has passed. It will come again for me (as well as all of us) when we finally get that BFP! Chins up girls...our turn is coming!!


Moly - January 23

I totally agree, the sight of her annoys me to bits. What gets me even more though is when i log onto this site, it takes me to the home page where there is a woman with a big beautiful pregnant belly. That's really rubbing it in!



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