I had a tubal and was wondering if i was pregnant
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mary mb - June 14

I am in need if some input i had a tubal that i regret but any was i have been feeling sick, i have to pee so much more i'm always hungrey and i am so tiered all the time last month i started to have a period but it was just some brown like stuff then nothing then the next day it was bright pink for like a hour then it was gone and today it did the same thanks for any advice


slowpoke01 - June 16

it may be possible but if i were you i would go and have a blood test done and find out for sure it may be something else but just to be sure i would go have bloodwork done


Lynn - June 16

you are describing my symptoms when i had my ecoptic in sept 2005. I only bled once a day for weeks. First RE said it was normal. Went for 2nd opinion and it was an ectopic...had D&C and emergency surgery all within 2 days. Please go get checked out.


mary mb - June 18

thank u for your input i just didn't know if it could be possible i am going to the dr


slowpoke01 - June 18

no problem marymb i have heard of the tubals reversing themselves after a while and people actually getting pregnant i am glad you are going to the dr because it is something that really needs to be checked


Liznette - June 19

I had a tubal pregnancy + a Cysts had a surgery just like lynn in feb 3 and now im having that same thing that brown thing and having my period only one day and again the brown stuff...I hope you already went to the doctor and hope with you everything is OK


mary mb - June 20

i have not been yet i go on thursday i can't wait to see what is going on i hope everything is fine plus if i found out i was pregnant i don't think i would mind i regret having the tubal done i was kind of pressured but i took a test it came out negative so i don't know i will keep informed thanks to everone



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