i had 2 failed ivf and i wants to share my thots
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rhea01 - April 5

hi frnds...i have unexplained ..and tried 4 iui and 2 ivf failed ...i am so depressed wants to talk with u all...........


chele - April 6

Hi Rhea, sorry about the let downs... I know it's hard. I too have had 4 IUIs, 2 w/ Clomid and 2 w/ Gonal F and bfn..:0( I am moving on to IVF in May sometime. So there are no issues they can find? I know with me my FSH was a little high so that seems to be were my problem lies....


Blakey - April 6

Dear Rhea-
Iam so sorry for your frustrations, and dissapointments with your failed cycles. My advice would be, to not give up. Chances go up, the more cycles you did, so try and keep positive, and know that it will happen for you!! ;)
I had 4 iui's, 1 IVF, 2nd IVF (was cnancelled)- and tested positive on my full 2nd IVF attmept on Feb. 26- I am 10 weeks today! This is my first pregnancy. DH and I had been trying to concieve for 5 yrs- and were with my RE/fertiluty clinic for 2+yrs.
I know this journey is challenging, as well as emotionally draining, but hang in there...it will happen for you! Try to look at is as you are taking steps into your journey to having your baby...and you are getting closer, and closer....that is how I tried to view things, and it made it easier...it will happen, don't give up, and keep trying!! Good luck to you!! ;-)


leahb5 - April 7

blakey what was your diagnosis? and congrats!!!!!! how exciting. i'm starting ivf this month. i'm very excited and causiously optomistic. thanks happy easter


Lucky717 - April 7

I am so sorry to hear of your news. It's all so unfair and quite painful. What shots do you have left? How many and the doseages? We are having to go with IVF as well and I am freaking out about all the costs involved.


Blakey - April 7

Hi Leah,
Thank you for your good wishes! I have moderate endometriosis, and history of cysts, DH has very low count. We did IVF/ICSI.

I am so excited for you starting IVF- it will be okay!! I remember the first time i did IVF- I was nervous, and very overwhelmed by everything, but it all went fine, and you will fall right into the groove of your cycle, and then begin to get excited, going for your apts, and u/s to see how many folliclesy ou have etc...I wish you all the best for an awesome cycle!!! ;) What meds will you be taking?? I wads on gonal- F, and Lupron. Please keep updated on your cylcle, I will be intersted in knwoing how things are going for you!!! Have a great easter! :) kim


jg - April 8

Hi there. After five years of TTC and 5 IVF attempts I got pregnant on my own with CLomid. DON'T GIVE UP - you just NEVER know. I was never in a million years supposed to be able to get pregnant without help, but I did, so MIRACLES HAPPEN. Don't lose hope darl.


rhea01 - April 8

hey frnds...tahnku so much for sharing ur thots and tahnx for +ve thots ...
well i think i am very poor ovarian responder as i didnt produce good uantity& quality eggs..
I have an appointment with my RE on 30 april we will see what she will say to me
BLakely Congrats ...i have a question for u......did u had Lap to detect endo ?
And why ur 2nd ivf cancelled? So u had natural pregn?
u know what i think i have endo as i used to cramp alot and painful urination before periods r due...but my doct.never say that u might have Endo or she never wants me to go for lap also....I am so frusturated....What shud i do to relieve my Stress...
I was on lupron,gonal,menopur..ovidrel...
Congrats JG....for ur preg.
I hope to see a miracle soon......
keep in touch...
chele all the best for ur 1st IVF attempt


Blakey - April 8

Hi rhea-
I did have a laprascopy. That was because when I was undergoing all of my tests when I had just started with RE- they found that I had 2 large bilateral cysts on my ovaries that had to be removed. When I had the lap, that is when my gyn, said I had moderate endometriosois. All these yrs, and I never knew it. I also had bad cramps, but never gave it a thought. My 2nd IVF cycle was cancelled because of the protocol my RE put me on, I just did not respond well. After being on meds for like 14 days, I only had 3 follicles...so we cancelled the cycle, and I did an iui onstead, (which they never worked for me)- I then switched RE's- and was introduced to someone who I liked from the get go. She was very positive, and made me feel she was goingto help me achieve pregnancy. OFormer RE was always pointing out the negatives..saying I was not responding etc..but it was her protocols she was prescribing. Every time I had an iui- I made 5-6 follicles, and then my 1st IVF cycle I made 5 folicles. My clinic will only meause Ia follicle that is 10 or above so they were a tough clinic.
My new RE- changed my protocol, I was on Lupron 2x a day, and GonalF 2 times a day, at 300 IU- well after 7 days of stims I had 11 follicles! I had 7 eggs retrieved, and day of transfer I had 2 good embryos, a 7 cell, and an 8 cell. On Feb- 26, I tested positive! So it will happen hon, don't give up! I had a FSh on day 3 at 10.8- I had dimisnished reserve...but still made 11 follicles. I feel very grateful to my new RE that she tweaked my protocol, and was on my side...I feel like that is so important to have a Dr. who is going to keep you positive...and try to help you achive pregancy , whatever road you go down. So I got pregnant with IVF/ICS with new RE. Good luck to you....Keep beleiving, and don;'t give up....it will happen!!!


rhea01 - April 9

Thankyou Blakely ...Thats a happy ending story ...I hope my RE will change my protocol...I will update u


chele - April 9

Hi girls, hope everyone had a wondeful Easter! I totally understand about the overwhelming feeling when looking at IVF and it's costs.... UGH! I'm currently going through that emotion but I will be going fwd w/ IVF sometime in May! good luck to everyone!


Blakey - April 9

Hi Rhea-
Yes, please keep posted with your cycle...I wish you all the best!!! ;)



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