I got a BFP!!!!!!!!!!!!
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tryingwithnohope?? - June 6

I have been on the board for a while now and mostly just read other peoples topics.....generally my concerns are the same as at least a dozen others.......
I just wanted to say......I have had irregular periods since december and I have had false hopes so many times......but finally with nothing but keeping track of my cycle as best i can I have been able to become pregnant......and I am thrilled........Don't give up and have faith.......I am not one to pray but if you choose not to pray to someone just pray out loud to no one but yourself............your faith alone can move mountains!!!!!!


Mega - June 6

Congrats! on the BFP. Have a healthy, happy 9 mos.! Thanks for sharing your story.


mommy2josh - June 6

Dear tryin, that is awesome news. Dont know about everyone else, but it sure gives me hope. I have been ttc #2 for over 2 years now, and have decided to quit Clomid and just go natural. Best wish to you, have a great pregnancy and enjoy it. hugs.


cmelissa - June 7

Congrats trying!!!! I too have irregular periods but besides that everything is fine!! My dh and me are taking a break the next 2 months so hoping we conceive soon!! Thanks for the hope, I do pray every night I will be blessed with a child!!! Thanks again!! Good luck during the 9 months!! :)



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